By: Bob Spurzem on April 25th, 2016

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How to Clean up the Mess that Email Archiving Creates

Archive Migration

Email Archiving can create quite a messLike thousands of companies, you are probably considering moving away from an on-premise Microsoft Exchange deployment to the new cloud-based Office 365.  But before you jump in to make the move, consider for a moment if you have a legacy email archive.  If the answer is “Yes”, it is likely that your email archive made a total mess of Exchange.

What do I mean by mess?

To reduce mailbox size in Exchange Server, the archive removed email, attachments, or both from Exchange and left behind a small point (or stub) pointing to the archive.  Consider what will happen if you move the Exchange emails to Office 365.  When your users click on an email in Office 365, it will generate an error. 

Option 1: Remove "Stubbed" Emails in Exchanges

The quickest solution is to simply remove, or throw away all the “stubbed” email in Exchange.  Only migrate email to Office 365 that was not “stubbed” by the email archive.  This may or may not be suitable, depending on your employees, but I would bet that they will not find this solution acceptable.

Option 2: "Rehydrate" Email Archive

A second solution is to use the archive solution to “rehydrate” the archive contents back into Exchange before migration to Office 365.  This remedy requires that your email archive has the feature to rehydrate email, and many do not, but the problem with this approach is that the size of Exchange can double or triple (or more)!

Problem: These Email Archiving Solutions Aren't Complete

At Archive360 we have examined this issue closely and we believe that we have some up with the best possible solution.  To reach this solution, we worked closely with Microsoft who had called us into some of their largest Office 365 migration to fix this nasty problem.

We Designed Email Archiving Technology to Solve These Issues

To read about our solution and the technology we designed, I ask that you go to our web page.  There you can read all the details of how it works and its benefits.  But let me tell you that this is really fancy stuff and you will not find anything even close in other email migration solutions.  

The key to our solution is that is performs off Exchange to essentially re-build email messages into fully accurate MSG files, before migration to Office 365.  100% data fidelity is job #1 and we do that better than anyone else.  We take the additional step to remove all the stubs from Exchange, so that it is left in as clean a state as possible.  When you are all done, you can safely de-commission your legacy email archive.  And we will help you with that too!

In closing, cleaning up the mess that legacy email archives make of Exchange Server is one of the “dirty little secrets” of email migration.  Only Archive360 and its product Archive2anywhere have the proven track record to handle this difficult situation quickly and accurately. 

Microsoft relies on Archive360 for its most demanding migration, and you should too.

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