Biomedical Company adheres to email compliance requirements

Company Overview

The Customer, in the biomedical field specializing in image-guided treatment enabling physicians to ablate tumors, manages 20,000 employees and generates more than $1 billion in revenue annually.  As an organization that operates in a heavily-regulated industry, the company is bound by an array of compliance requirements to preserve, archive, and manage data and communications, including email.


The Objective

With a company-wide initiative to consolidate data residing in disparate on-premise legacy archives, the organization required a solution that could address its data management concerns and adhere to its legal and compliance obligations. They had 550 TBs of data, included information connected to ongoing litigation matters, housed in an expensive and underperforming archive system that could not meet their needs. Data management issues included: difficulty in accessing and searching efficiently; inconsistent search results across the dataset; corrupted data produced during the past archiving process; enforcement of the company’s retention policies; and the inability of maintenance and support teams to address ongoing support issues.


The Challenge

The current third-party vendor had been shipping data to their data center on 30 TB NAS devices on an ongoing basis. This process was slow and risky. The project objective was to perform a legally compliant data migration to a cloud-based platform. Key project requirements included:

  • Extraction of 550 TB from the current archive in its native format ingestion of the data into a cost-effective, reliable cloud-based archive,
  • Fast expansion/contraction of data as needed.
  • Verifiable, legally defensible data deletion.
  • Chain-of-custody reporting and data validation
  • Improved functionality
  • Customer-retained control of data and user access.
  • Live journaling capabilities if needed.
  • Complex Boolean email searches.
  • Bulk data exports


The Solution

Archive360 proposed utilizing the Azure Cloud as well as leveraging two Archive360 platforms - FastCollect for Archives, and Archive2Azure. FastCollect would be used to migrate archived data from Digital safe to the customer’s Azure blob storage account and validate it to ensure a legally defensible migration with fully chain-of-custody reporting. Once in Azure, Archive2Azure would manage it on an ongoing basis. Using high-speed lines, Archive360 migrated the data into the customer’s Azure blob storage account managed by Archive2Azure. An integral piece of the project, Archive360 provided in-depth training allowing the company’s internal team to quickly perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Data search and retrieval
  • Bulk data exports
  • Retention and disposition configurations
  • Case Management administration
  • User permission administration


The Results

The company’s 550 TBs of regulated data was successfully migrated into the company’s Azure tenancy where it is now being compliantly managed by Archive2Azure. Because the company’s data is now retained and managed in their Azure tenancy in its native format, they no longer face a future vendor lock-in issue. In addition to cost savings, improved data insight, and ongoing data management to ensure to be legally compliant with stringent industry regulations.