Archive360 supports government agencies adopting the federal government’s Cloud First strategy and continuing IT modernization program and OMB’s directive M-23-07 for data governance and best practices. Our unified data governance software enables agencies to manage all types of data (unstructured, semi-structured, structured) and uniformly meet their data governance obligations, within a single, scalable, secure cloud-based platform. This reduces risks and costs and increases the ability of agencies to manage large volumes of data in the cloud to address specific operational, security, and regulatory needs.  It also enables agencies to retire obsolete, redundant, or overly resource-intensive applications.
Our cloud-based application gives federal customers full control over operations and management of their data and data infrastructure, data security, capacity and scale, and compliance with law and policy.  

Key Issues & Solutions

Federal Government IT Modernization

To support federal agencies in the monumental task of digitizing and appropriately managing the lifecycle of petabytes of records and making them more readily accessible for FOIA and other requests, Archive360 delivers an end-to-end solution.  

  • Digitization strategy to convert all permanent records to digital format. 
  • Secure capture, categorization, and retention of electronic content and metadata. 
  • Appropriate entitlement and encryption of records to ensure privacy and security.  
  • Unified management of electronic records (including access controls).
  • Single integrated, secure repository to search and automate, track, and preserve based on Capstone and agency or department Policy.  
  • Management and preservation of electronic records throughout the entire lifecycle. 
  • Support for fast and accurate responses to FOIA requests, leveraging our tools, as well as through direct integration with products such as Exterro and Microsoft Purview.
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Data Migration and Cloud Adoption

Archive360 has securely onboarded more than 150 petabytes of data, for over 2,000 customers, to the Microsoft Azure cloud with verifiable data fidelity. Our cloud-based approach mitigates known data migration and cloud onboarding issues. Our methodology provides data accountability and onboarding at 10-20x the speed of conventional platforms. Use cases include:

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Records Archiving and Legacy Application Retirement

Archive360 helps federal agencies retire legacy applications (including custom-developed solutions and decommissioned systems, such as file shares) and databases (by securely archiving relevant data) as well as provide ongoing archiving and lifecycle management of active application, database, and file/report server data. This includes managing data classification, encryption, entitlements, and disposition. We significantly reduce the costs and risk associated with application decommissioning by rapidly moving, analyzing, and retrieving data, as well as extracting relevant subsets of data. Data Security & Zero Trust

The Archive360 platform meets the President’s executive order 14028 and provides federal agencies true Zero-Trust security for protecting the most sensitive data by delivering access controls down to the object or data field level.   

The Archive360 platform is deployed in the customer’s cloud tenant running in the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud (commercial and Gov), versus as a SaaS solution in a tenant of our choosing.  This gives federal agencies total control over where their data is stored (which cloud, which location), and how it is secured and managed:

  • A private/secure enclave
  • No shared network or other resources
  • No shared encryption keys
  • No shared or common security certificates
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Secure Search, e-Discovery and FOIA Requests

As federal agencies continue to migrate and manage large volumes of disparate data in the cloud, cloud-based search and eDiscovery becomes increasingly important. Archive360 information management and archiving platform provides tremendous flexibility and scalability. Customers can leverage our eDiscovery application to search, manage, enforce legal holds, and extract the data.  Other customers want to leverage their existing eDiscovery tools, such as Exterro. In both cases, if you have large volumes of data you need to search through quickly, Archive360 enables you to scale- up the data processing power to accelerate the search and then scale it back down so you save money and only pay for what you need. 


Archive360 – Your Federal Government Partner 

Archive 360’s Federal Product and Channel Program ensures that government agencies and partners can work with us securely and confidently.  


Microsoft Top Tier Partner

As a Co-Sell Prioritized Microsoft Partner with multiple Gold Competency Certifications, Archive360 is the recognized expert in cloud-based intelligent information management and archiving for regulatory compliance and litigation preparedness for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. 


Data Compliance 

Archive360’s software adheres to the compliance certificates met by Azure- including ISO, SOC, CSA, NIST, FedRAMP, DoD, FIPS, HIPPA/HITRUST, and VPAT508. We also offer end-to-end encryption of data in transit, at rest and in use.   


Contractual Compliance

Archive360 is GSA-ready and has existing contracts with our partner, Carahsoft, including:  

The government has been issued directives to reduce costs and transition on-premises data center applications to the Cloud. By partnering with Microsoft and Archive360, we are delivering successful cloud migrations and cloud-hosted eDiscovery services for one of the largest (civilian) federal agencies to meet regulatory compliance. For significantly less cost and time, the solution running on Azure Government Cloud offers increased security, scalability, and the ability to leverage newer innovations such as transcription services, analytics, pivot speed and balance cost control capabilities.
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