Reduce your Application Infrastructure Costs, Ensure Data Compliance and Mitigate Data Risks.

Determine the Best Time to Archive Your Application Data for Maximum Effectiveness.


Cost > Value

Applications outlast their usefulness for many reasons. Maybe a merger or acquisition left you with multiple systems that perform the same function or the technology on which the application was built has become outdated. Whatever the reason, the decision to retire an application isn’t made lightly. The cost and effort to replace the system and retain its data in compliance with regulations is often the sole reason the legacy system remains operational.


Lack of support

Cloud computing has enabled organizations to quickly and cost-effectively meet customer demands no matter where their customers or employees are located. As organizations transition to the Cloud, legacy application vendors gradually phase out application updates and eventually support. You could let the application age-out but given the amount you spend on hardware, software, and maintenance and a decline in security patches, this is your costliest and riskiest option.


Slow performance

Over the years, regulatory and business requirements to retain business application data together with employee reticence to delete data cause it to pile up, making data search and processing a slow and tedious task, reducing productivity, and limiting your ability to respond to an ever-changing operating environment, and take advantage of opportunities to protect and grow your business. 

Break Free From the Risk and Excessive Cost of Using Legacy Applications

Key questions to answer before making the move.

Archive more than application data?

Your legacy application is, undoubtedly, one of many applications in your organization containing data that must be retained. SMS messages, meeting chats, meeting recordings, email, contracts, proposals, HR, financials and many other data types have retention and protection requirements.  Shouldn’t you consider archives that accommodate all types of data from all types of systems?


How much control over your data is needed?

The Cloud offers a more scalable and extensible platform for managing your ever-increasing volume of data as well as many security options. You will need to decide who you are most comfortable with to set and manage your data security policies and processes – your security team or a third-party vendor.


Can data compliance & integrity be assured?

When planning an archive migration, it’s essential to verify that the migration of your legacy data can be completed without damaging chain of custody or impacting your day-to-day operations and that your legal and other personnel have appropriate access to historical data for eDiscovery, FOIA and business intelligence purposes.


Not All Cloud-Based Data Archives Are the Same

Multi-tenant SaaS vs. a Dedicated SaaS archive

Features Multi-Tenant SaaS Archive360
Unlimited data ingestion, data export and search performance scalability*
You have complete control over where your data is stored
Store and restore archived data in its native format
Complete control over infrastructure (e.g. – firewall rules, IP whitelist, etc.) and application security protocols
Role- and Attribute- Based Access Controls (e.g. – entitle by case status, IP address, location, etc.) with active directory integration Limited
Automatically redact, anonymize, specific content within files
Complete control over tenant, user, and content encryption keys with ability to store keys in an entirely different location than the data
Archive and manage any data type from any system in, almost, any location Limited
Integration with leading eDiscovery & business analytics tools
Includes eDiscovery case management, case specific notes, custom tags
* Only limited by bandwidth and compute cost

Control data security

Multi-tenant SaaS archive vendors control archive security for all their customer tenants as well as security training for all employees with administrative access to your data. You must trust they have the necessary security protocols in place to protect your data and ensure their employees follow them. With Archive360, you have complete control over your data’s security.


Control data processing

Multi-tenant SaaS archive vendors need to balance data processing resources across all their tenants. They can limit the flow of your data into and out of their platform as well as limit search performance, particularly when large data sets are involved. Unlike multi-tenant SaaS archives, Archive360 gives you complete control over how your data is processed. You can scale data ingestion and search performance to meet your schedule and cost requirements.


Control your data

Some SaaS archive vendors use a proprietary format that means you can only view, access and manipulate your data using the tools they provide. They can make removing data from their platform difficult by charging a hefty extraction fee.  With Archive360, data is captured in its native, rather than proprietary, format, so you can easily remove your data from our archive without it being held hostage.

Think Beyond Application Data Retirement to Unified Data Governance

Make data compliance and investigations much easier with cross-system visibility and control over data risk, compliance, and cost. 

Migrate to Archive360’s Unified Data Governance Platform

Get all the benefits of a SaaS archive without sacrificing control of your data.


Accelerate your migration

Our migration tool FastCollect migrates your legacy application data quickly and cost-effectively, connecting to, ingesting, and managing the migration of any type of data from most business applications such as ERP, CRM, and relational/non-relational databases. By transferring files in parallel, highly scalable, dedicated channels, we migrate data 20X faster than traditional migration platforms.


Save time, money, and peace of mind

Retire your legacy application and its associated costs faster than traditional migration platforms. You don’t need to provision and pay for a new application prior to retirement.
You can account for all data and associated permissions with a complete chain of custody. Access to archived data is controlled by the permissions defined in the legacy application and you can eliminate unnecessary privileged user data access.


Receive expert guidance

If you do not have resources with cloud experience to take advantage of all the data control our platform and the Cloud can provide, Archive360 and our partners offer a range of services tailored to your specific needs – from setting-up your Azure environment and migrating data to managing your archive and Azure tenant.  We’ve successfully completed more than 2,000 migrations, onboarding, securing, and managing more than 150 petabytes of data.