The energy sector is undergoing one of the most significant transformations of any industry.  The challenges and opportunities of the future are changing how we produce, distribute, and consume energy worldwide.  Individual companies - and the industry as a whole - depend on reliable data to assure the safety, compliance and reliability of their operations.  As well as to identify opportunities for innovation and cost/profit optimization. Organizations are looking for solutions that will allow them to increase their operational efficiency, assure data quality and drive down costs – while meeting their compliance obligations.

Key Issues of the Energy Sector

Security vulnerabilities due to weak data controls. Current data sharing models compromise data privacy and security obligations.


Short- and long-term trends, as well as risks across the business are missed: inabilities to access data in different systems as well as concerns with data quality. 


Mergers and acquisitions result in disparate systems producing incompatible and conflicting data.


Distributed workforces require real time, secure access to the right data.   

Key Energy Solutions

Unified Data Governance

Meet your governance obligations for all data – generated by your communication (including data from your telehealth and online chat applications), collaboration and legacy applications (unstructured, semi-structured, structured data) within a single scalable, compliant platform.  The Archive360 platform provides one integrated approach to manage your data security, data privacy, legal, regulatory retention, compliance, and data sovereignty (for organizations doing business internationally) obligations.


Entitlement-based Access

In addition to role-based access control (RBAC), Archive360 provides attribute-based access control (ABAC), such as case status, project schedule, IP address, and SHA-256 level encryption at multiple levels (tenant, file, and specific file content – field, word, or phrase) to ensure the right people or applications have the right access to your data, under the right conditions. With Archive360, you eliminate unnecessary privileged user access to your data.


Application and Data Retirement

Retire your applications and retain only the data you need.  Identify PII and other sensitive data as well as data from active and inactive users.


Data Analytics

Aggregate data from multiple sources across your organization and provide different users with self-service access to the platform based on your organization’s strictly controlled access policies. Analytical capabilities enable data scientists and analysts to build analytical data models for data-driven decisions.