Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure from regulators, competitors, and patients to improve patient experiences while driving efficiency to both clinical and non-clinical operations.  One of the biggest issues impacting progress is the significant turnover in employees as a result of the COVID pandemic and ongoing M&A activity within the healthcare sector. Organizations are looking for solutions that allow them to accelerate their digital transformation strategies, improve their data governance capabilities and drive down costs.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the number of workers quitting their jobs declined sharply. Since the beginning of 2021, workers have been leaving their jobs at higher rates than they had been before the pandemic started. By November 2022, healthcare and social assistance job quits had increased to 32.5% higher than they had been before the pandemic.
Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker – Jan 20th 2023

Key Issues


Security vulnerabilities and compliance costs are inflated due to ongoing staff turnover.


Application retirement and cloud migration plans are delayed, increasing costs and risks.

Data governance costs and obligations increase with organizations facing 1:1 ratio of existing versus former employees covered under compliance mandates.


Telehealth expansion creates new data risks and obligations.

Key Healthcare Solutions

Application Retirement

Retire your applications and retain only the data you need.  Identify PII and other sensitive data as well as data from active and inactive users. 


Data Retirement

Retain data, including data generated by or for inactive users and former employees required for regulatory, litigation and other purposes, in low-cost blog storage. Restrict and monitor access and redact PII and other sensitive information from all but specifically entitled users.


Unified Data Governance

Meet your governance obligations for all data – generated by your communication (including data from your telehealth and online chat applications), collaboration and legacy applications (unstructured, semi-structured, structured data) within a single HIPPA-compliant platform.  The Archive360 platform provides one integrated approach to manage your data security, data privacy, legal, regulatory retention, compliance, and data sovereignty (for organizations doing business internationally) obligations. 


Discovery and Litigation Support

Unlimited scale to manage unlimited concurrent searches across growing volumes of disparate data.  Manage your litigation hold and discovery processes directly within the Archive360 platform, or by powerful integration with your existing discovery and Legal GRC tools, such as Exterro.