Take Control of Data Across Your Organization with File Archiving.

Implement comprehensive file and data archiving for better data management.


Know your data

Gain visibility into your data across file storage silos.

  • Analyze billions of files without moving them.
  • Know what and how much you have, when files were last used, and who is using them.
  • Identify which files are unused, relevant to an investigation, or subject to compliance requirements and should be archived to cheaper, more secure, and more compliant storage.

Protect and save by offloading sensitive and unused files

Automatically move unused and risky files from SharePoint Online and network storage to less expensive and highly secure cloud storage.

  • SharePoint Online users continue to have seamless access to archived files.
  • Files are transferred in parallel dedicated channels as quickly as needed with no transfer speed restrictions (other than bandwidth/cost).
  • Save on storage cost.
  • Protect against data non-compliance, fines, and reputational damage.
  • Keep source systems uncluttered to improve search performance and file discoverability. 

Improve file discoverability

Classify, enrich and index onboarded files, so they are easily found and appropriately managed. Enrich files using artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically:

  • Transcribe audio and video files.
  • Translate languages.
  • Extract text from images and videos
  • Detect objects and entities in images and video.
  • Analyze sentiment in text, audio, and video.

Be More Productive and Compliant

Manage and harness the value of your data.