Rethink the Way Data is Governed Across Your Organization

The means for enforcing data management policies have changed.


Reduce Reliance on Data Creators

Ensuring your workforce consistently follows data management policies has always been challenging. As the volume and variety of data created and consumed grows exponentially, the inconsistent, manual approach is untenable. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning enable you to apply and enforce data governance policies consistently, and directly manage data risk across enterprise systems.


Shift from Application- to Data-Centric Management

Instead of relying on administrators and application access controls to manage data and access, implement a common framework and governance platform. The framework enables you to provide consistent data naming, structures, and standards.  The data governance platform directly applies the framework to data from systems across your organization and enables your legal and compliance teams to manage risks while providing secure access to business teams. 


Manage Data Based on its Value and Risk

The growth in data across enterprises is extraordinary. Driven by AI and analytics, organizations try to derive insight from all types of data.  As data ages, its value decreases, while risk associated with a data breach, legacy systems, regulatory fines, and appearing in headlines for the wrong reasons increase.  When the risk outweighs the value, it is time to retire data from the operational system to more cost-effective, secure platforms where it can be retained, managed for legal discovery, mined for its value, and disposed according to your policies.


Streamline Data Management, Discovery and Compliance Across your Organization’s Systems

With a single platform, manage the storage, privacy, security, retention, and disposition requirements of all your critical or sensitive data.


Leverage an Architecture Built for the Future

Combine data from multiple domains to drive compliance, AI/ML models and analytical decisions. 

Highly Scalable & Extensible Architecture

platform architecture image - archive360



Our expansive connector capabilities enable you to ingest data from systems across domains with the highest level of integrity and security. Archive360’s platform is uniquely designed to scale to process any type and volume of data so you can balance your schedule and costs. The platform is highly extensible and constantly updated as new critical sources of data emerge.



Our data management layer can perform extensive analysis and enrichment of incoming data including natural language processing (NLP), classification, metadata enrichment, text extraction from images, audio and video transcription, language translation, object, and entity extraction, and sentiment analysis. Our policy layer enables your compliance team to define and automatically enforce controls for retention, security, compliance, and privacy related obligations.



Our enterprise search and query engine enable your workforce including legal teams, auditors, analysts, data scientists and end users to find and work with the data they need using the platform’s tools or its secure APIs for third-party applications, supporting many different use cases including eDiscovery, advanced data analysis, and low-code application access interfaces.


Automate Regulatory, Legal, and Operational Data Compliance

Control data compliance across enterprise systems from a single interface.

Centralize data compliance oversight

Global organizations must adhere to a myriad of privacy, security, statutory, and regulatory requirements. Addressing each of these requirements in different systems or processes only leads to ineffective controls and unneeded costs.  Archive360 provides a single platform to define, monitor and automatically ensure adherence to a wide range of data compliance requirements.


Control data production, retention, and consumption

Highly regulated organizations operating in a global environment face constant regulatory oversight, inquiries, examinations, and potential fines. From regulations with extensive record keeping requirements to data privacy that not only establish processing and security requirements but include the affirmative obligation to delete information, Archive360’s platform delivers broad capabilities to securely access information, while enforcing retention, usage, and disposition requirements.


Balance global and local requirements

Varied legislation regarding individual rights to how their data is managed and protected as well as where data lives has become a top concern for many global companies.  Countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, as well as the U.S. are establishing statutes and regulations, requiring certain classes of information and workloads remain within their jurisdiction.  Archive360’s platform was designed from day one to meet a diverse set of data compliance requirements no matter where customer-controlled cloud-environments must be deployed.  


Face Near Constant Cyber-Threats Head on

Security by design and default.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Mitigate Data Risks and Gain Operational Insights

Leverage the power of AI/ML to facilitate compliance and make better business decisions.


Tailor AI and ML to your specific needs

Archive360 brings a modern, flexible, and pragmatic approach to AI/ML. Instead of integrating a single AI or ML tool into the platform, you can deploy different AI and ML technologies and models to meet your requirements.  For example, at ingestion you can leverage Microsoft Azure AI services to enrich and help classify your data sets and enforce policy requirements or run your own or a different vendor’s NLP and entity extraction routines to enrich metadata for downstream use. 


Gain insights to build and train models

Our data management model enables you to use advanced tools to query our NoSQL database, and perform complex analysis related to data in the platform to help build and train your models.  Your applications can also leverage our metadata or content indexes to apply ML models as part of a regulatory or legal investigation, providing targeted, in-place analysis or preservation of relevant content. 


Protect against generative AI risks

Archive 360’s platform enables you to develop your own models, trained on your data, and executed within your controlled environment so you limit the privacy, IP, and security risks that your data can be incorporated into vendor models outside your organization’s control.  You also retain total ownership of the model, the underlying data, and any new information generated as part of the process.