AdminAssist Overview

Streamline your operations of the Archive360's 24/7 Platform with help from our AdminAssist team. Proactively manage your Unified Data Governance Platform and cloud infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, security, and cost efficiency. From detecting potential issues to fine-tuning resource allocation, AdminAssist allows you to safeguard your data and maximize your investment, up to 20% savings in compute costs!

Archive360 24/7 Platform and Infrastructure Monitoring

For organizations that lack resources, cloud experience, or the desire to manage and monitor their Unified Data Governance Platform and cloud infrastructure, Archive360 offers 24/7 professional monitoring of both their Archive360 platform and its underlying cloud infrastructure.  

Archive360 24/7 platform and infrastructure monitoring

Quickly Detect and Address Potential Platform or Infrastructure Issues 

Together, Archive360’s professional services team and AdminAssist continuously monitor your platform and cloud infrastructure to ensure the platform’s functionality and its underlying infrastructure are working optimally and cost-effectively to meet your data governance and financial requirements. Should any of the parameters monitored detect an anomaly, an automated alert notifies the AdminAssist team so it can be quickly analyzed and remediated. 

quickly detect and address potential platform or infrastructure issues

Ensure Your Archive360 Platform Data is Safe and Secure

AdminAssist leverages Microsoft Defender for Cloud to continually scan your infrastructure, identify security vulnerabilities, and prioritize your most critical risks so the Archive360 services team can quickly strengthen your infrastructure’s security posture and protect workloads against the latest cyber threats. Security scores for each benchmark, recommended remediation, and any steps taken, are identified in monthly reports so you have complete visibility and control over the security posture of your cloud infrastructure. 

Ensure your archive360 Platform data is safe and secure