Technology is changing how law firms and attorneys approach client interactions, case preparation case strategies.  It can be a competitive differentiator, improving client services, increasing productivity and reducing costs.  However, changes in technology are also introducing new risks that law firms need to recognize and know how to address.  Organizations are looking for data governance solutions that allow them to deliver innovative legal and advisory solutions for their customers worldwide while protecting client data.

Key Issues


Remote and hybrid workforce and increased use of collaboration tools creates new data risks and obligations. 


Law firms are key targets for cyber criminals (according to a formal opinion from the ABA), threatening sensitive client data.   


The proliferation of case data retained in Discovery tools, such as Relativity, is increasing costs and in some cases, risks.

Key Law Firm Solutions

Unified Data Governance

Meet your governance obligations for all data – generated by your collaboration applications, as well as your disparate communication applications, and legacy applications (unstructured, semi-structured, structured data) within a single compliant platform.  The Archive360 platform provides one integrated approach to capture and manage every required conversation, as well as manage your data security, data privacy, legal, regulatory retention, compliance, and data sovereignty obligations. 


Application Retirement

Retire your applications and retain only the data you need.  Identify PII and other sensitive data as well as data from customers and by case, as well as data for inactive users and former employees.


Cloud Migration and Cloud Data Security

Securely migrate and retain data from retired and active applications, leveraging the scale and power of the Cloud as well as the cost advantages of blob storage. Restrict and monitor access and redact PII and other sensitive information from all but specifically entitled users.


Discovery Tool Case Preservation and Collection

Integration with Discovery tools such as Relativity and Exterro reduces the cost of case data preservation, collection and review.