Lifesciences data is at the core of every breakthrough in new treatments.  Every day, life-changing discoveries are made, based on data. However, the proliferation of data that is often siloed, unmanaged and disconnected can threaten innovation and impact efficiencies and costs. Organizations are increasingly looking to highly scalable, secure solutions that allow them to accelerate their digital transformation strategies, improve their data governance capabilities and drive down costs.  

Key Issues


Data governance costs and obligations continue to rise as a result of more data, new regulations and greater regulatory enforcement.  


Technical debt from legacy applications as well as delayed cloud migration plans increase costs and risks.

Security vulnerabilities and cyberattacks continue to increase due to growing volumes of sensitive patient data and intellectual property. 


Data analytics opportunities are impacted by concerns over the accuracy and authenticity of data managed by propriety information management tools.  

Key Lifesciences Solutions

Application Retirement

Retire your applications, including legacy GxP applications, and retain only the data you need.  Identify PII and other sensitive data. 


Data Retirement

Retain data, including data required for regulatory, litigation and other purposes, in low-cost blob storage. Restrict and monitor access and redact PII and other sensitive information from all but specifically entitled users.


Unified Data Governance

Meet your governance obligations for all data – generated by your communication, collaboration and legacy applications (unstructured, semi-structured, structured data) within a single compliant platform.  The Archive360 platform provides one integrated approach to manage your data security, data privacy, legal, regulatory retention, compliance, and data sovereignty (for organizations doing business internationally) obligations.


Discovery and Litigation Support

Unlimited scale to manage unlimited concurrent searches across growing volumes of disparate data.  Manage your litigation hold and discovery processes directly within the Archive360 platform, or by powerful integration with your existing discovery and Legal GRC tools, such as Exterro.