Don’t Fall into a Data Migration Trap

Migration success depends on your ability to establish data integrity and chain of custody.


Email Archive Migration

Old email archives simply can’t scale to meet the needs and regulatory demands of the modern workplace. Yet, legacy email archive migration can be costly and risky if not done correctly. Since most legacy email archives incur database and index corruption, migration tools that use your archive’s API to do the migration experience painful delays, additional costs, and data loss.


Legacy File System Migration

Legacy file share hardware and software are costly to purchase and maintain, especially when they become outdated and there are other less costly cloud storage options that can be used to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. 


PST Migration

PSTs pose a significant risk and cost to organizations because they can hide emails pertinent to a discovery request and make the discovery process of locating the PSTs, exporting their contents, and searching through the emails and their attachments time-consuming and costly.


Legacy Application Migration

Legacy application software and hardware are costly to purchase and maintain and have either outlasted their usefulness or accumulated so much data that performance suffers. The only reason your organization keeps the application up and running or filled to the brim with data is because you need to retain the data and provide access to it if needed.

Compliantly Migrate Any Data Type from a Wide Variety of Systems to the Cloud

No vendor egress fees required.

Email Archive Migration

Archive360 FastCollect bypasses the legacy application provider’s API and transfers your email, journal, and legacy data through multiple parallel channels at 20 times the rate of traditional migration platforms with no data loss and a complete chain of custody, accelerating your email archive retirement and saving you infrastructure, licensing, and administrative costs. 


Legacy File System Data

Archive360 FastCollect can migrate your files 20 times faster, with full fidelity and chain of custody, to lower cost cloud storage than traditional migration tools and eliminate your legacy file system costs or simply free-up storage space, consolidate, and more cost-effectively manage the offloaded legacy files.



Archive360 FastCollect eliminates PST risks and costs by automatically scanning local drives, network shares and synchronized cloud accounts for all PSTs, migrating them to Archive2Azure, Microsoft 365, or Exchange, extracting PST content, validating the integrity of the emails and their attachments, and deleting the empty PSTs so the emails and attachments can be easily searched when the next discovery request comes along.


Legacy Application Data

Archive360 FastCollect migrates your legacy application data quickly and cost-effectively, connecting to, ingesting, validating, and managing any type of data from most business applications such as ERP, CRM and relational/non-relational databases.