Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Moves Email to the Cloud

Client Profile

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc., an industry leader in rural telecommunications services, is a multi-service telecommunications corporation providing communications products and services to more than 140,000 customers/members in 76 communities encompassing 37 Oklahoma counties in Western Oklahoma and 14 counties in Southern Kansas.


“We’ve been using NearPoint since 2007, As we started researching alternatives, we recognized that there was not a simple way to extract the archive data from NearPoint for migration to whatever new platform was chosen. The cloud solution we chose recommended the Archive360 product to us as a solid solution for retrieving information out of NearPoint and ready for import to the cloud system.”


“We were pleased with the ease of using the Archive360 platform. It took approximately an hour to get the system going and begin extracting data. The Archive360 support staff was knowledgeable and very helpful in helping us get past issues with a couple of mailboxes.”

Migration Challenges

“The only issue we really encountered was that the formula for calculating how much space would be required for extraction was not as accurate as we had hoped … turns out we have larger attachments than most according to the Archive360 support staff.”

Benefits of Partnering with Archive360

“Although there was documentation in NearPoint about how we could extract messages, it was going to be a very arduous task and would have required a significant amount of time and resources. Archive360 provided a means where we could start the processing and just let it run, so it took very little administrative time to accomplish.”

Wes Harper, System Administrator
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative