Everton Football Club

Client Profile

Everton Football Club is an English professional football club based in Liverpool, and currently playing in the Premier League.


“Over the years our Mimosa NearPoint archiving solution continually went downhill in terms of reliability and support. When we implemented our new solution for archiving we hit a brick wall when attempting to extract our data from NearPoint. After many calls to different companies we could not find anyone to assist with this.”


“I found Archive360 and engaged in dialogue with their very helpful engineers. Within 24 hours our entire archive had begun extraction in preparation for ingestion into our new solution.”

Migration Challenges

“We faced no challenges whatsoever. I cannot fault Archive360 in any shape or form.”

Benefits of Partnering with Archive360

“Install and training on the extraction tool was handled in a timely fashion and with the detailed breakdown of what we had and what was extracted we had 100% trust in the results.”

Conor McKnight, IT Manager
Everton Football Club