Painless Archive Migration
& Open Email and File Archiving

Migrate to Microsoft Office 365 or leverage the world's first truly open archive hosted in Microsoft Azure to control your encryption keys and where your data is stored. 

Migrate your archives to the cloud

Data archives need the cloud. Migrate your legacy data safely to the cloud for stronger security, better performance and more control. We'll manage the entire end-to-end process for you.

Enable your legal, compliance and privacy teams

We'll give you context about your emails, files and videos you never dreamed of. You'll use it for blazing fast searches and we'll use it to proactively find risky data and help you deal with it.

Unlock hidden value from your data

What would you learn from safely analyzing your human-generated data? The secret to retaining your best employees? Yes. The game-changing idea that got buried? Yes. Not sure where to start? We'll help.

Regulated organizations from around the world

Trust us with their most sensitive data.

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Our technology and approach is totally different.

Oh, you've heard that before? We'll prove it.
Why do other cloud migrations technologies run on-premises?
Good question. We don't think that makes sense either. Our unique approach to migration happens mostly in the cloud which enables us to start faster, finish faster and be less disruptive to your infrastructure, networking and security teams. 
Does your archive provide keyword search inside of video and audio files?
Ours does. Why does that matter? Corporate-owned video and audio content is growing 300% every year. When you run keyword searches and compliance scans, we'll examine all of your content to ensure you're covered. Want this speech-to-text capability for AI and analytics? We do that too. 
The most secure email and file archive in the world.

SaaS archives offer one-size-fits-all security. They hold your encryption keys and they don't even have dedicated encryption keys for each customer. Given an estimated 55% of data breaches are caused by vendors, can you live with this? Learn how Archive360 protects your data by putting you in control. 

Salesforce archiving for compliance & eDiscovery
Backups are great for disaster recovery. But if you need to retain Salesforce records for compliance and eDiscovery, you need an archive. Learn how Archive360 empowers your legal, compliance and security teams to meet their requirements. 

We ❤️ archives

And we love talking shop with customers! Chat with us live right now or schedule time to meet at your convenience.