The Future of Information Archiving Today.

Harness the full potential of the cloud with our scalable, open standard migration and information management solutions.

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Maintain your information in its true, native format and never pay to migrate again.


Take advantage of future-ready capabilities while leveraging your investment in the Microsoft Cloud.


Immutable, compliant secure access that protects against data loss, intrusion and breach.

Intelligent Information Archiving in the Cloud.

What if there was a way to leverage your information archive so that it did more for your bottom line than simply address your compliance, legal, and regulatory concerns? What if your archive became a data-rich source of valuable business intelligence?

With our industry-leading, enterprise archiving solutions, you’re able to extract more value from your information while leveraging your investment in the cloud to achieve compliance, secure unmanaged data, reduce on premise and storage-related costs, and increase the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and business.

Your Data


Our innovative approach to how you store and retrieve information transforms your ability to manage, maintain, preserve, search, and secure your archived information by providing you with advanced analytics and complete array of powerful, cognitive services that enable you to fully embrace the cloud and derive more value for your business. Archive360 solutions enable you to:

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  • Intelligent

    Leverage advanced analytics and cognitive services to gain a competitive edge.

  • Secure

    Protect customer and employee information in the cloud.

  • Accessible

    Quickly scale your enterprise IT storage infrastructure without impacting business users.

  • Compliant

    Proactively comply with corporate and regulatory mandates.

  • Immutable

    Decommission data centers in a legally defensible manner that preserves data.

  • Efficient

    Increase business productivity by automating key processes with zero impact.

Industry Expertise

Improve the security, protection auditability of business-critical financial information so you can achieve and maintain compliance and avoid costly regulatory fines.

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HIPAA-compliant archiving solutions that secure patient and clinical information from breach or intrusion, so you can ensure privacy and compliance with regulatory mandates.

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Fast, secure and scalable automated solutions that meet the changing needs highly-regulated insurance and related industries while reducing the cost and complexity of doing business.

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Long-term protection and preservation for sensitive records that provides comprehensive search, security, and advanced analytics and reporting, to meet regulatory compliance.

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Get comprehensive cloud and storage management solutions that mitigate risk and enable regulated industries to secure access to emails and records, and achieve long-term compliance.

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Our industry experience and proven, intelligent enterprise information archiving solutions enable organizations to fully realize their investment in cloud while significantly improving IT storage and data management in terms of performance, scalability and advanced capabilities.