Streamlining Tenant Migration for a Leading Health Services Provider

Company Overview

Archive360 + Kizan  (1)Archive360 in collaboration with partner KiZAN,  assisted a large Health Services provider undergoing organizational rebranding and divestiture. The provider had divested a line of business associated with community-based healthcare, requiring migration support for their on-premises email archive system.

To ensure a smooth transition, the customer relied on KiZAN's expertise to plan and execute the migration to a new Microsoft 365 tenant. KiZAN and Archive360 worked closely to migrate nearly 45,000 mailboxes, email archives, and Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online sites to the destination.

By leveraging KiZAN's and Archive360's capabilities, the customer avoided costly licensing extensions and achieved a seamless Microsoft 365 tenant migration, ensuring business continuity and data integrity throughout the process. Our commitment to excellence enabled the Health Services provider to successfully navigate the divestiture and embrace their new future.


The Challenge

The divesting organization was unable to support the on-premises email archive system for the acquiring organization. This posed a considerable challenge for the customer, as they required extensive support and licensing for the existing archive platform. To successfully complete the divestiture, they needed KiZAN's expertise to plan and execute the migration to the new Microsoft 365 tenant while ensuring a seamless transition of user and archive content.


The Solution

KiZAN and partner Archive360 developed a comprehensive migration plan for content transfer from the current Microsoft 365 tenant to the new one. Our team facilitated the completion of migration prerequisites, including SharePoint Online, Teams, and Exchange, while supporting and coordinating with the customer's resources responsible for identity, endpoint, and infrastructure.


The Migration Process

The joint effort by KiZAN and Archive360 enabled a seamless migration of the following components to the destination:

  • Community Care Active User Mailboxes and OneDrive for Business Sites: We successfully migrated nearly 45,000 mailboxes, ensuring no data was left behind.

  • Email Archives: The on-premises email archives were migrated to the destination, preserving valuable historical data for the acquiring organization.

  • Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online Sites: All Community Care Teams and SharePoint sites were migrated to the new destination and carefully set to read-only in the source to maintain data integrity.


Why Choose KiZAN And Archive360?

What's better than one expert? Two that work WITH you.

  • Deep Expertise:
    With three decades of experience, KiZAN has a proven track record of delivering successful IT solutions that align perfectly with your unique business needs.

  • Seamless Cloud Integration: 
    Archive360's cutting-edge technology allows you to manage and safeguard your data seamlessly within your cloud environment.

  • Data Security and Compliance: 
    Rest easy knowing that your data is in safe hands, meeting all compliance requirements without compromising on accessibility.