Global Insurance Company onboards compliance journal data into Azure

Company Overview

The customer, a global insurance and reinsurance company, is headquartered in Bermuda with 7,400 employees in 100 offices on six continents managing $59 billion in assets and collecting $14 billion in premiums. The insurance company specializes in property and casualty (non-Life) insurance and reinsurance. The company serves clients in more than 215 countries.


The Objective

The insurance company contacted Archive360 following a successful email archive migration from HP/Autonomy’s EAS email archive. The company wanted to onboard additional compliance journal data into their Azure tenancy to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and completely retire EAS.The existing legacy EAS journal archive had been archiving email/attachments, calendars, contacts, and notes for several years but had not kept pace with new capabilities needed by the insurance industry. Because of this, the company was very interested in the additional capabilities of Archvie360’s Archive2Azure platform including the ability to capture compliance data from Microsoft Office 365 and journal it directly into their Azure account – instead of transferring it back to their on premise EAS archive.


The Challenge

The insurance company had approximately 60 TBs of regulated journal data in their EAS archive, as well as other non-related PST files which needed to be onboarded to their new compliance archive in a legally defensible manner with full chain of custody audit and reporting. The Company had relied on their aging, on premise EAS archive for many years but was being forced to keep it active after their move to Office 365. However, HP/Autonomy had announced that EAS would soon reach its end of support and be abandoned. Because of this, the company needed to move their compliance journal data to a new platform – preferably their Azure tenancy with Archive2Azure. Additionally, the insurance company wanted to complete the data migration project into their Azure tenancy quickly in time to decommission its HP/Autonomy EAS system before it reached end of support.


The Solution

The insurance company choose Archive2Azure, a native, cloud-managed archiving and information management platform built on and integrated with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Archive2Azure provides a highly secure, low cost, and compliant intelligent information management system perfect for archiving and management of a wide range of data types. Archive2Azure is a 100% native Azure solution which leverages the power and elasticity of Azure to solve enterprise-scale challenges with compliant and intelligent data storage, search, archiving, retention/disposition and case management. In this case, Archive2Azure created a live journaling feed from the company’s Office 365 platform directly to the company’s Azure Cloud for ongoing management.


The Results

The compliance journal data now resides in the customer’s immutable Azure Cloud and is managed by Archive2Azure. The customer now utilizes Archive2Azure to create containers which store and manage data in “cabinets” on specific Azure storage tiers – Hot, Cool, and Archive for increased cost control. The company now has the flexibility to scale-out and scale-in as ingestion and data analytics/search workloads change, allowing for dynamic optimization and reduction of infrastructure costs.

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