Integrated Enterprise Records Management

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Consistent and accurate Records Management for regulatory, legal, and business intelligence challenges 

Addressing today’s Records management needs

Today’s records management requirements are changing. The volume and variety of data produced by your organization continues to grow. So too do your obligations to manage that data to meet your increasing regulatory and legal obligations. Managing your information to address today’s changing needs not only allows you to increase the efficiency of your records management program, it also and helps reduce eDiscovery and compliance risks. Archive360’s integrated records management platform helps you systematically manage your growing volume of electronic information and records through their lifecycle.

Records management policies and file plans

Choose from our library of global template policies, or develop your own custom retention, disposition and security policies. Archive360 works with some of the most highly regulated organizations worldwide – government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, financial services firms, companies in the energy sector. Using our intelligent policy engine, you can address your organization-specific needs for classification, retention, disposition, legal holds, and access control.

Consistent, accurate, intelligent classification

Implement consistent records management policies across your unstructured data at scale. Leverage the power of integrated Artificial Intelligence with predictive (and trainable) classification of records based on user, country or location, content type, keywords or sensitive information. Authorized users can also review auto-classified records and re-classify if necessary. Archive360 also support user-based “drag and drop” classification of desktop files.

Auditable retention

Archive360’s granular retention/disposition policies will help determine not just how long a specific record should be retained but also where and on what storage tier. Plus it will control and manage the specific security parameters for individual content. Archive360 also supports event-based retention as well as specific retention labels such as date last modified or created.

Defensible disposition

Archive360’s disposition engine ensures secure, auditable scheduled and ad-hoc disposition of records. This includes full pre-disposition reports, disposition approval workflows, ad-hoc and scheduled disposition. Disposition audit reports provide proof of disposal and documented audit trails not just of objects but also of all associated metadata. Authorized users can override retention to comply with specific IP security, contractual or other business requirements.

Records management security

Archive360’s integrated data security ensures entitlement-based controlled access to sensitive data, ensuring data privacy and business confidentiality. Archive360 provides record and field-level encryption. Records are encrypted on-premises prior to retention and all encryption keys are maintained on-premises.

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