Centrally Govern Your Data Enterprise-Wide

Realize the full value of your information.


Know your content

Go beyond titles and metadata to identify your content with automatic audio and video transcription, optical character recognition, object / entity detection, and sentiment analysis so you keep informed of the latest trends and developments and can make effective business decisions.


Break down barriers between departments

Give records managers, compliance, legal, IT and other staff visibility and access to content in disparate systems enterprise-wide through a unified dashboard and the tools to manage the content automatically and consistently in accordance with organization policies.


Ensure compliance and unlock value

Set rules to classify your content, control content lifespans, storage, costs, access entitlements, events, record all content activities, and use AI and analytics to make valuable connections between content, context, and other information, creating insights to grow and protect your business.

Intelligently Manage Your Information

Put your data to work.

Keep Ahead of Increasing Regulatory, Data Privacy and Discovery Risks

Automate data governance and records management in an increasingly data-driven world.


High data volumes? No problem

Our platform is cloud native, built from the ground up to quickly process large volumes of data – no matter how many users or workloads are using the system concurrently – for seamless records management and eDiscovery.


Be prepared for Investigations

Easily define workflows to automatically manage content classification, retention, legal holds, disposition, access entitlement, events, and storage so you can rest assured policies are consistently followed and requests quickly addressed.

Keep sensitive information private

Control user access based on role, attribute, and content (files, metadata, and contents – down to specific characters or phrases) with Security Gateway, masking sensitive data so it is only visible to people entitled to see it.

Reduce Information Management Costs

Outdated IT infrastructure, operational inefficiencies and non-compliance is costing your business.

Control storage costs

Use policies to automatically manage content storage across storage tiers based on data and storage properties so you automatically delete redundant, obsolete, and trivial content and align storage cost to data value.


Save hardware, software, and maintenance costs

Stop paying to maintain costly, on-premises, legacy applications when you can archive inactive legacy data in the cloud, retire the system, and access, automatically manage, and analyze it together with other enterprise data and gain valuable insights.


Avoid costly fines and reputational damage

Stop holding data beyond its regulatory retention period or its usefulness, especially if the information may be detrimental to your organization, when you can automatically detect, review, and dispose your inactive, outdated information. 


Empower Employee Productivity and Collaboration

Ensure records are securely and consistently managed on an ongoing basis.


Free users and IT from the file management burden

Automatically manage federated content retention, storage, and disposition in the background without content owner or IT assistance so they spend less time managing files and more time being productive.


Clean up your records

Automatically detect, review, and dispose inactive, outdated records so browsing records is faster and easier, you have fewer records to manage, and you only pay to store records of value.

Quickly respond to investigations

Archive360 platform’s ability to automatically scale to collect, aggregate, classify and index petabytes of data from systems across your organization, leveraging AI and ML to transcribe PDFs, images, and media files, translate languages, and other forms of data enrichment, gives you comprehensive visibility and facilitates the identification and culling of data relevant to an investigation so you can quickly produce an accurate, cost-effective response.