City of Foster Migrates NearPoint Data

Company Overview

Foster City is a full service municipality, meaning that we provide a full range of services to the community. Police, Fire, Water, Sewer, Streets, Parks, Recreation, Planning, Building and all the other services you have come to expect are provided by your City.


The Objective

“We had been using NearPoint as our email archive since 2009. We were notified of the sunset of support for NearPoint in 2013, and began planning a project to migrate to a new solution. We didn’t want to maintain 2 systems, so migrating the existing data out of NearPoint was a critical part of our plan. While we were evaluating the possible replacement systems, we asked each vendor for a roadmap to migrate our data out of NearPoint. Most replied that we could use the e-discovery tool to do PST exports. But this provided no assurance that the data was complete and without corruption, and with no way to measure our success rate at getting the data out of NearPoint.”


The Solution

“Archive360 provided a cost effective tool to export our data out of NearPoint as PST files with full reporting and logging. When all was said and done we had a 99.999% success rate at getting the data out of NearPoint.”


The Challenge

“Due to issues in our NearPoint database, we did have to tweak settings and re-export some of our mailboxes. But Archive360 was ready and willing to help us diagnose and correct the data problems.”


The Results

“Archive360 migrated the data out of NearPoint quickly and efficiently, and it allowed us to completely retire our NearPoint system with the confidence that all of our old data was safely on our new Barracuda system.”

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