3M Ceradyne Eliminates NearPoint

Client Profile

As a worldwide leader in the development and production of advanced ceramic systems and components, Ceradyne has become a trusted name in nuclear power, oil and gas, solar energy, automotive, defense and other highly technical industries. As a wholly owned subsidiary of 3M, Ceradyne continues to deliver innovative new products and technologies to customers around the world.


“We have been using the NearPoint Archive solution since around 2009. In 2013 we were purchased by 3M who uses Lotus Notes for their email system. We were asked by 3M corporate to retire our email system. This required extracting all mail from our Exchange server as well as our mail archive system.”


“NearPoint was very problematic when it came to extracting mail from the archive into PST files. The PSTs were a dump of all email items into one folder including Contacts, Calendar Items and Tasks. Archive360 approached us about a package that would extract the items in a more organized manner. Being that this company was made up of ex-NearPoint engineers, we thought this was a good solution.”

Migration Challenges

“One challenge was creating the space to extract 6 TB of mail. This was overcome with a NAS.”

Benefits of Partnering with Archive360

“Archive360 provided us an easy to install and setup solution. We spent very little time on the phone with an Archive360 Engineer before he had us up and extracting. In no time at all we had the mail extracted to PSTs. Archive360 was a life saver and time saver. We encountered no problems.”

Donovan McCulloch, Supervisor IT
3M Ceradyne