Reduce Legal Spend – Become More Efficient in Your Data Discovery Practices

Find relevant results in a single search across all your organization’s data repositories.


Faster content collection

Stop relying on IT or outside resources to manually collect all documents, files, and messages for a specific set of custodians. Archive360 connectors quickly and automatically scale to collect and index billions of files and petabytes of data from multiple systems, in any format. They also leverage AI and ML to transcribe PDFs, images and media files, translate languages, and detect objects and entities in images and video, for comprehensive visibility and targeted search results.


Faster responsive data identification

Stop inflating discovery costs by providing investigators all electronically stored information (documents, files, and messages) for a specific set of custodians. Archive360’s platform provides a single, secure, and managed repository to consolidate data discovery sets in preparation for the discovery process including data enrichment, search culling capabilities such as keyword search, proximity search, fuzzy search, metadata search, and search within a search, and early case assessment to weed out non-responsive or duplicate data.

Faster, more accurate request response

By putting policies and processes in place to ensure all data generated by individual employees is stored centrally so that it can be indexed for faster search, zeroing in on specific characteristics of content based on request specifications, and providing case management and annotation capabilities, Archive360’s unified data governance platform enables your organization to cull a smaller data set, streamline the review, and produce an accurate, less costly response.

Securely Analyze and Act on Huge Volumes of Data in Minutes, Not Weeks

Manage your discovery needs from anywhere.

Deliver only what you need when you need it

Attorneys and discovery teams can collaborate, run searches, cull data sets, review documents, add customizable tags, place legal holds, and export responsive data sets from anywhere - all on Archive360’s single integrated cloud platform. They can quickly search across operational and archived data, no matter where it is saved, and only collect, index, and present data your organization needs to retain according to its requirements, whether for compliance purposes or in response to a request, saving your organization the cost of processing and managing its entire corpus of data.


Review communications in their native format

Legacy archives retain chat and instant messages as emails with shared items like images or videos as an attachment. Reviewers must open each attachment and place it at the appropriate point in the conversation to put the conversation in full context. This is a tedious, time-consuming, and costly process. Archive360’s platform captures all conversations in their native format and presents them the way they appeared in the source application – in full context, saving reviewers a significant amount of time and aggravation.


Mitigate discovery risks – preserve and protect your data

Legal holds and industry leading access controls immediately protect all potentially responsive data from inadvertent (or deliberate) deletion, misplacement, or alteration. Case management functionality enables ongoing management of numerous separate cases, as well as the placement and tracking of multiple litigation holds applied to specific searches and data sets. Legal holds always override programmatic retention schedules or other attempts to delete or change the data. All activities performed by all users are logged and fully auditable.


Quickly Respond to All Data Access and Personal Data Privacy Requests.


Find Data When and Where it’s Needed.

Your workforce can search for archived records through applications they are already using and familiar with. 


Accelerate eDiscovery

We have a pre-built connector for Exterro’s and Microsoft Purview eDiscovery applications to enable integrated search, export, and case storage. We also enable Microsoft SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Teams users to access archived records directly from within those applications, saving time, and giving you greater flexibility to meet changing business and regulatory demands.


Empower data analysis

Enable auditors and data analysts to access the historical data they need across business applications without IT intervention, saving both IT and users the administrative burden. Analysts can use Jupyter Notebooks to help build and document exploratory findings and Power BI, Tableau, or other analytical tools to build charts, dashboards, and reports.

Open, Zero-Trust APIs

You can use our Archive360 Connect REST APIs to extend the archive to your in-house developed applications as well as third party applications. In a single search, users can directly access, manage, and extract relevant data from the Archive360 platform in the comfort and familiarity of their preferred applications, while legal, IT and compliance are assured that all data is being appropriately managed.