Easily Capture, Manage, And Review Zoom Communication And Content

Archive360 Connect for Zoom enables you to archive and compliantly manage Zoom communications alongside other data types.


Review Zoom content in context with other data sources  

When end-user interactions happen across Zoom and email, you can track the entire conversation and files shared in one platform and review Zoom content as it appears in Zoom.

  • In-meeting chats (public & private)
  • Zoom chats (public & private)
  • Webinar chats (public & private)
  • Meeting & Webinar recordings
  • Message edits & deletions
  • Links & Shared files  
  • Emojis & Reactions (likes, heart, etc.) 

Go beyond titles and metadata to accurately identify content 

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically classify and index messages, transcribe audio and video with speech-to-text, extract text content from images with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), analyze a person’s sentiment, detect objects within an image or video, and identify entities such as a person, organization, time, event, or location.  [learn more about predictive AI for information governance in this blog]

Monitor Zoom activity to ensure compliance standards are met

Prevent policy violations with AI-powered supervision and surveillance of Zoom content. When non-compliant keywords, phrases or behaviors are detected, alerts are automatically generated to meet supervisory review requirements, such as FINRA Rule 3110 and NYSE Rule 342, and protect against the exposure of sensitive information within Zoom in compliance with privacy laws, such as GDPR and CCPA. [hear the latest on EU privacy regulations in this podcast] 

Find Archived Zoom Content Quickly And Securely

Easily produce defensible Zoom data for investigations and litigation.

Scalability Matters

Archive360’s cloud-native repository is built to quickly process large volumes of data (PBs), no matter how many concurrent users or workloads, meaning you can capture, index, and find relevant Zoom messages and shared content much faster. Our ability to identify, classify, validate, store, and manage millions of Zoom chats and shared files automatically, in real time, together with our ability to protect sensitive information is unmatched. As data volumes grow, data-driven organizations increasingly rely on our highly scalable and secure archiving and information management platform.


Slack Archiving

Archive360 Connect for Slack monitors, captures, archives, and preserves all Slack content in context to meet legal and compliance obligations.

Zoom Collaboration Meets Compliance

Empower your workforce and stay compliant with regulatory data retention requirements.  

Effortlessly meet regulatory requirements  

Policy-driven content classification, analysis and management automatically ensure Zoom content retention, protection and disposition is consistently and defensibly managed to meet SEC, FINRA, MiFID II, FCA and other requirements so the cost and burden of manually responding to investigations and protecting sensitive information is significantly reduced. 


Consistently manage Zoom records 

Relying on employees to manage their records and communications according to policies exposes your organization to risks of human error and poor judgement. Archive360 automatically manages Zoom message archiving and disposition according to your policies and enforces legal holds on Zoom communications. 


Control costs and confidently produce defensible evidence  

Zoom content can quickly consume storage and drive-up costs. Archive360 can automatically archive inactive Zoom content to less costly storage tiers as well as Write Once Read Many (WORM) storage to protect data from tampering or accidental deletion, and provide an immutable chain of custody.