Webinar: Discussing Canadian Privacy Act
[Bill C-27]

What does the landscape of Canadian privacy law look like in light of the proposed Digital Charter Implementation Act [Bill C-27, known also as CPPA] being debated in Canadian parliament? Hosts Bill Tolson and Christopher Ferguson discuss the key components of this bill, how it differs from C-11 and what the implications could be if it passes. 

In this webinar you will learn..

  • how the 2022 version of the C-27, otherwise known as CPPA, differs from the 2020 version [C-11]

  • if the CPPA preempts local or provincial privacy laws

  • how critical it is to your organization to be up to date on the latest Canadian privacy laws

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Subject Matter Experts

Christopher Ferguson
Christopher Ferguson
Bill Tolson
VP of Compliance and eDiscovery