Bank’s EV Migration Project

Bank’s EV Migration Project to Office 365 Hits a Snag; Project Saved with Archive360

Project Highlights

  • 2.2 Billion Total Messages Migrated
  • Total of 97,000 Mailboxes Migrated
  • 736 Million Message Stubs Rehydrated
  • 440 TB Data Migrated for the Entire Project



The Bank was migrating their hosted Symantec Enterprise Vault email archive to the cloud-based Office 365 platform to reduce cost and raise end-user satisfaction. Two legacy email migration service providers were initially evaluated but were inadequate during initial testing due to performance, cost and complexity issues. Archive360 replaced the first two vendors.


Project Challenges

Because of strict financial industry data retention requirements and the ongoing need to quickly access and search email and attachments for eDiscovery response, the Bank had chosen to archive all email system content. The Bank was exploring the possibility of moving the massive email archive to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based platform to save on overall costs and to provide a more centralized and easier end-user experience. The question the Bank faced was whether potential issues made the migration too risky and therefore not feasible. After talking to experts, the Bank wanted to go forward with the project if the potential risks could be addressed.


The Solution

Two vendors were originally chosen and subsequently dismissed due to performance issues, projected cost, and complications. Instead, Archive360 was selected because of its expertise in migrating large archive datasets from legacy email archive platforms and its proven record of success. Archive360 installed the FastCollect for Archives solution, requiring only two servers (versus hundreds), and started the project immediately without any pre-indexing or other time-consuming preparations other vendors require.

Archive360 worked closely with Microsoft to successfully migrate ½ PB and 2.2 billion emails with zero end-user disruptions by bypassing the email archive vendor’s APIs, instead directly accessing archived data in the safest and fastest possible manner.


The End Result

By migrating away from their hosted Enterprise Vault email archive, the client was able to save millions of dollars annually while improving end-user satisfaction. Archive360’s FastCollect for Archives proved its capabilities for large, complex, and legally risky email archive migrations.

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