Spokane County

Client Profile

Spokane County government is dedicated to enhancing and protecting the quality of life for all citizens through the pursuit of excellence in responsive, costeffective and customer-driven services. Spokane County employs over 2000 individuals to help meet the public needs of the 485,000 County residents. There are more than 50 departments which provide a variety of services.


“Spokane County deployed NearPoint by Mimosa in June of 2010. This was a primary mail archive system until the product ended up under HP / Autonomy control and they subsequently canned the product. At that time in 2013 Spokane County went looking for a new Mail Archive Tool. The County went to a Barracuda 850 mail archiver appliance. The problem was moving the 15 TB of existing archived mail in the NearPoint system to the new platform, as running two was not acceptable. Barracuda Networks and Spokane County entrusted this extraction / migration of data to Archive360.”


“After a failed attempt by Barracuda Networks to move the data from NearPoint into the Barracuda 850, Barracuda Networks worked with (with agreement of Spokane County) Archive360 to successfully extract the Archived messages to the NearPoint system via PST format. At which time the County could ingest into the new BMA 850 appliance.”

Migration Challenges

“The challenge was providing an additional system with sufficient resources for Archive360 to perform the extraction of data. This ran smoothly and Archive360’s extraction process was very successful.”

Benefits of Migrating

“The main benefit for Spokane County with this is not running multiple mail archive systems, which only makes it harder on our end-users to find old but needed e-mail. It also allows the county to respond to Freedom of Information Act requirements.”

Scott Akerlund, Senior Network Administrator
Spokane County