Streamline Supervisory Reviews 

Stay compliant with global regulatory requirements.


Monitor multiple data sources at once

As the volume and variety of electronic communication produced by your organization continue to grow, so do the risks. Supervision & Surveillance and the Archive360 platform enable you to monitor across many leading communication and collaboration sources.


Isolate relevant content

Stay compliant with regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, IIROC, MiFID II, FINRA or SEC, and use natural language processing, machine learning, and policy-driven filtering to highlight violations and optimize review.


Preserve context

All communications and shared content are captured and retained in their native format, in full context, as it appeared in the source application with violations clearly highlighted, making the review faster and more effective.

Proactively Manage Legal, Regulatory, and Data Privacy Risks 

Work smarter, not harder.


Understand the risks

Our dashboard provides a clear, concise overview of the risks being monitored, the risks that have been identified, and the progress of the reviews so you can quickly respond to inquiries and ensure your team has the information needed to make appropriate decisions fast. 


Accelerate review workflows

Policy violations are automatically routed to the correct person for review and escalation. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning work in the background using reviewer history to guide message risk scores and facilitate the review. Highlights quickly direct reviewers to relevant content so they don’t need to read the entire message, whether the violation is in emails, chats, documents, audio, or video.

Demonstrate compliance

All data can be securely stored in tamperproof, immutable WORM storage and controlled according to retention, access, and management policies compliant with applicable laws and regulations. Once the retention period is complete, data disposition is reviewed and approved, producing a certificate of disposition. All activity associated with archived data is recorded in a complete audit trail.