Data Surveillance, Supervision,
and Supervisory Review

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Proactively Identify Risk and Automatically Take Appropriate Action 


As the volume and variety of electronic communication produced by your organization continue to grow, so do the data privacy risks. Whether it’s complying with specific regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, IIROC, MiFID II, FINRA or SEC, corporate compliance mandates, or potential PII leaks, you need a solution that can dynamically review and monitor your communication and take appropriate action to meet data privacy requirements.

Intelligent Policy Management

Choose from our library of global template policies, developed to meet the needs of some of the most highly regulated organizations worldwide — government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, financial services firms, or companies in the energy sector. Or you can simply customize our policy engine with your organization-specific protocols. 

AI-Based Data Scanning

With Archive360, you can automatically identify every communication that meets all of your criteria.  Our intelligent supervisory engine automatically scans 100+ data types to ensure you’re identifying PII leaks, monitoring communication between specific employees, addressing your compliance, risk and privacy policies, or complying with global data privacy requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, IIROC, MiFID II, FINRA or SEC.

Contextualize Knowledge to Proactively Identify Data Privacy Risks

Archive360 proactively identifies risks you may not have known existed. As data is scanned, Archive360 not only retains the data in its original format and as fully threaded conversations, it also establishes the contextual relationships between disparate data sets. This provides a complete view of the supervision or surveillance by identifying additional data for review that you may not be aware of.

Intelligent Review

Depending on your needs, team-based manual review is essential. Archive360’s review workflows ensure that content is automatically routed to the correct people for review and escalation. Our integrated AI and machine-learning technology can also increase the productivity and accuracy of your team by automatically identifying risk and providing better sampling.

Proactive Escalation

Support your three lines of defense model and segregation of duties with proactive, expedited escalation of issues to appropriate staff with validated access entitlements.  

Auditable Reporting

Detailed reports add additional communication monitoring, helping you better understand your risk. All reports are customizable and custom reports can simply be created as well. With Archive360, you can continuously assess and optimize your supervision policies and review processes. 

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Helping You Keep a Close Watch

Let our team support your efforts to safeguard your most valuable assets. Contact us for more information on our data surveillance capabilities.