By: Rocco Seyboth on May 10th, 2019

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Video Blog: How AI Helps IBM Predict When Employees are Going to Quit

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Using Watson AI, data lakes and user generated emails and files, IBM predicts when employees are going to quit

IBM has 350,000 employees and they announced last month they can predict with 95% accuracy when one of their people is going to leave.Vidyard GoVideo Recording

Not only is this a powerful use case for IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence, it’s incredible advantage for their business.

IBM is in a war for talent against Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google and hot tech start-ups. Predicting when employees will leave helps them proactively retain top talent and smoothly manage out under-performing team members. 

"You have to know the individual.  Skills are your renewable asset, and you need to treat them like that."

...Ginni Rometti IBM, CEO

So how did they do it exactly? And how can the rest of apply this AI use case to our own businesses? Watch our 2.5 minute video to learn more...

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