By: Bill Tolson on March 2nd, 2017

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Extending Share Drive Capacity to the Microsoft Cloud

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02282017_1.jpgEvery day corporate employees beg for more enterprise share drive capacity, to store work documents, backups, internet research, etc. All while demanding their aging, low-touch files not be deleted from those same corporate file shares.

Corporate legal departments are hesitant to order the deletion of these same low-touch or inactive files that are clogging share drives due to their potential relevance in current or future legal proceedings, so departmental file shares continue to grow. It is this convergence of problems that forces IT to purchase additional file share capacity every year and along with it the overhead to keep it running smoothly and backed up.

The Cost of On Premise Share Drives

The cost of purchasing enterprise-class storage can be steep; however, the cost of keeping it operational can be just as expensive. For example. The industry consensus for the annual overhead cost of enterprise storage is approximately $3,200 per TB per year or $0.27 per GB per month. For a medium size company with 100 TB of share drive capacity, they would be spending $320,000 in overhead expenses including backups, annual support agreements, etc.

Extending Share Drive Capacity to the Cloud

What if, instead of purchasing new share drive capacity every year, you could automatically move low-touch and inactive files to a cloud-based share drive extension while still maintaining the ability to search for and access those same files at any time? Or in other words, using the cloud as the lowest cost storage tier in an HSM share drive strategy?

This on prem/cloud HSM strategy would allow companies to 1) stop purchasing high priced share drive storage, 2) keep high touch files on the local share drives while automatically moving low touch files to the inexpensive cloud storage, 3) all while keeping all share drive content available for both employees and corporate legal at the lowest possible price.

Archive2Azure Cloud-Based File Share Extension

Archive360 now provides the capability to create age and access based policies for your on premise share drives that will automatically move files that meet specific policies to Microsoft Azure while maintaining access to those files through your local departmental share drive. This capability offloads low-touch and inactive files from the on premise share drive freeing up space for more active files and putting an end to the annual share drive purchases. You can check out this exciting new Azure use case here.

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