By: Bill Tolson on September 15th, 2016

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Now You See It, and Now You Don't

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The consolidation in the Information Governance industry continues. Recently HP announced its decision to sell its software business to Micro Focus for $8.8 billion which includes its Information Management and Governance business. These software assets include HP RISS, Mimosa NearPoint, CA Messenger, Zantaz EAS, Zantaz Digital Safe, and the Iron Mountain Digital Hosted Archive.

 This week Dell announced the sale of the EMC Enterprise Content Division to Open Text Corp. for $1.62 billion. EMC's Enterprise Content Division includes the Kazeon and InfoArchive solutions.

 The thing to keep in mind is that these information governance solutions are yet again in question as to whether they will be continued, or quickly designated as approaching "end of life". For example, HP/Autonomy quickly stopped all engineering on Zantaz EAS and Mimosa NearPoint after they were purchased putting current customers in a difficult and expensive dilemma; spend large amounts of money and upgrade or migrate to another platform. 

There it goes again?

The HP/Autonomy Digital Safe platform is an extremely old, expensive, cloud-based email compliance archive. It is touted as the world’s largest private cloud and contains over 100 PB’s of content. Micro Focus has not issued any statements about current product road maps or plans on discontinuing any of the platforms and probably won't for months. Having been in these situations before, companies that have purchased these types of assets will take up to a year to develop a forward looking product strategy and so won't announce plans until then.

 The problem current Digital Safe customers find themselves facing is what to do with their current data in the Digital Safe cloud. Digital Safe competitors will be actively chasing these customers trying to convince them to migrate to their cloud platform - and many will due to nervousness around the future of Digital Safe. Many of these current Digital Safe customers have multiple PB in the Digital Safe cloud and migrating it to another repository can take a lot of time. Many will have started scrambling to lock up the very few migration vendors and needed bandwidth for migrating these huge data volumes.   

 There are a couple of points to keep in mind when planning a Digital Safe migration:

  • The Digital Safe platform is notorious for not making it easy to migrate data out of.
  • Because of this extraction issue, total migration project timeframes will, no doubt, be extended.
  • Regulatory compliance and legal responsibilities will complicate the migration further.
  • The ROI for the migration will be easy to justify due to the price differences between Digital Safe and other cloud archives such as Office 365 and Mimecast

Putting it off will only raise the cost later

The key for a financially justifiable and trouble-free migration out of the Digital Safe cloud is to choose a new cloud archive that fits your needs and budget and choose an archive migration vendor that can successfully migrate your data in a fast, legally defensible manner with 100% data fidelity.

 Archive2Anywhere is a powerful legacy email migration platform that is based on a legally compliant data reconciliation engine. Its main goal is to migrate legacy archive data at high speed while maintaining 100% data fidelity and chain of custody. Archive360 is the leader in migrating legacy email archives in a legally defensible manner.

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