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By: Bob Spurzem on June 13th, 2016

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Stealth PST Migration, Collection and Elimination

PST Migration

PST Migration, Collection, and Elimination

If you were to design the perfect PST migration and collection tool, what would be its key capabilities?  Easy – make it like the Nighthawk Stealth fighter…  Crazy fast and 100% transparent to the end user! 

Crazy Speed

The best PST collection tool should be fast – extremely fast!  Moving potentially TB’s of PST content takes time and the faster the total job can be completed the better for the customer.  With the ever popular Office 365 as the target, Archive360 customers are seeing migration speeds in excess of 5+ TB per day – so you can expect to achieve that rate easily.   

PST Discovery

Before you commit to a PST migration project, do you know how many PST files you have to migrate, the size of those files, and the numbers of emails in those files?  This is an important question to address before the migration planning can be finalized.  The best PST collection tool should be able to crawl and discover all the stealth PST files and identify their location, size and number of items contained within – quickly as this will determine the project timeline.  Using this information, you can draw up a migration plan and set the proper expectations with end-users and management.

100% Transparent

Many end users rely on their PST daily so any disruption to PST access during the migration should be limited or avoided.  For example, PST collection tools that require a staging server to copy the PST file from the source to the staging server can cause end-user disruption.  For example, before a PST can be copied it must be disconnected/closed from the end-users Outlook.  This makes the PST inaccessible to the end user at that point. 

No Staging Server

The best and least disruptive method for migrating PSTs is to read PST contents directly from the source without having to copy the PST file to a staging server.  This saves the additional cost of the staging server and reduces the overall load on the network.  But most importantly, the end user maintains full access to his PST content during the migration process.

Stub Rehydration

One of the little known issues (until after the fact) companies face when migrating PST content is the existence of email stub files.  Stub files originate in the Outlook mailbox and can be moved to PST files via Outlook group policies or manual “drag and drop”.  During migration, stub files must be re-hydrated (recombined) with the archived message before they are ingested in Office 365, or the email stub will be broken, pointing to a non-excitant message in the old archive location, and cause errors.

The newly available Archive360 FastCollect for PSTs is the fastest and most transparent PST collection tool in the industry.  FastCollect can move PST content directly to Office 365 / Exchange Online at a rate exceeding 5+ TB per day…in a legally defensible manner!  And best of all, FastCollect requires NO staging server and operates transparently with no disruption to the end user.

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