Archive360 Open Archive Solution

Archive360 is the most secure file and cloud email archive in the world. Why? Archive360 lets you retain your data in your cloud tenant under your control. Say goodbye to security risks and hard-to-access data. Say hello to Open Archive. 

Control your encryption keys

If you aren't in control of your encryption keys, you aren't in control of your data. With Archive360 Open Archive, only you have access to your encryption keys.

Control where your data resides

To protect your employees and customers and maintain compliance with privacy laws, you need to retain data in the country of origin. SaaS archives can't do that. Archive360 can.

Unlock the value of your data

Archive360 is the first archive to give you access to your emails, files and videos through a governed API. The possibilities for AI and analytics are endless.


Learn how Archive360 delivers the world's first open archive solution hosted in Azure
  • Get Control: SaaS archives offer one-size-fits-all security, hold your encryption keys and charge you to get your data in and out. That's not enough control. 

  • Gain Accessibility Other vendors store your data in a proprietary format in a data center you can't access. Archives have incredible insight in them but not if your analytics tools can't access the data. 

  • Have Flexibility: SaaS archives restrict search and download speeds. What if you have a big audit, case or investigation and you need to run many large searches concurrently? Traditional archive solutions don't offer options. 

Easy to use features for your legal, compliance and records teams

Automated Classification

Our AI-powered records management not only helps you fully automate records classification, it also lets you analyze thousands of file types – automatically. And, of course, we provide full meta-data and full text indexing.

Advanced eDiscovery

AI and ML-powered e-discovery means you can pinpoint results faster and more intelligently. Lightning-fast search and keyword search across video, audio, images, chat and thousands of other data types - can be scaled and throttled based on your needs. Intuitive filtering and legal hold capabilities satisfy your stringent legal requirements.

Legacy data migration

When it comes to migrating legacy data, Archive360 offers unmatched capabilities in terms of

  • speed (over 25 TB per day), 
  • completeness (full data remediation),
  • accuracy (unlike the competition), and
  • defensibility (full chain-of-custody and legally defensible reconciliation report).

What People are Saying

SaaS archives have been popular alternatives to on-premises systems. Today some customers are finding that they can realize more control and flexibility by hosting their archive in a hyper-scale cloud platform like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. Vendors like Archive360 make this a viable option.

George Crump

President and Founder | Storage Switzerland, LLC

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