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Microsoft Teams – Empowering your Remote and Mobile Workforce

Microsoft Teams provides a wealth of productivity features, designed to help today’s increasingly remote and mobile workforce stay connected. However, while Teams delivers impressive collaboration and chat capabilities, it was not designed with regulatory or legal response in mind.

Requirements to Archive and Retain Microsoft Teams Data

If your company is subject to government regulatory data retention requirements such as SEC Rule 17a-4, FINRA, and MiFID II, you may not be allowing your employees to use collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams because of compliant data retention concerns.

If your organization has implemented data and document retention policies or you are concerned about document retention for litigation and eDiscovery, your legal teams need to understand how they can compliantly retain and search your Teams data.

Where is your Teams Data Stored in Office 365?

One of the complicating factors in extending data retention policies to Teams is that Teams does not have its own single storage repository within Office 365. Instead, Teams creates many different data objects that are stored in several other services within Office 365.


This table (taken from Microsoft article: "Location of data in Microsoft Teams") shows how Teams data is stored in different repositories depending on the content type.

Holistic retention and management of Microsoft Teams employee communication for regulatory and policy needs

Teams Archiving for SEC 17a-4 Compliance

Archive360 for Teams delivers SEC 17a-4 data retention requirements, allowing you to compliantly archive, search and review fully threaded Teams messages and content within all chats.

Teams Supervisory Review for FINRA Rule 3110 Compliance

Archive360 for Teams leverages AI, allowing all Teams data to be automatically scanned for high-risk content and routed to appropriate members of your compliance team for review.

Holistically Capture, Archive and Manage All Teams Conversations and Content

Unlike legacy archiving tools that can only capture and archive some of the Teams conversation and content, Archive360 for Microsoft Teams compliantly captures, archives and manages every part of a Teams conversation.

  • Channels
  • Communications in a Private Channel
  • Direct messages
  • Edits to messages (captured as separate messages)
  • Group messages
  • Files shared in communications
  • Files not sent in a communication
  • Deletions
  • Integrated apps (wikis, etc.)
  • Video
  • Voice

Collaboration Meets Compliance

Archive360 Archiving for Microsoft Teams
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All Teams conversations (one-to-one, group and channel communications, as well as files and content), are appropriately archived to meet in-country data residency and disposition requirements.

Analysis and Tagging

Leverage the power of integrated Artificial Intelligence with predictive scanning classification and tagging of your content BEFORE archival.

Supervision and Surveillance

Intelligent, AI-powered support of your FINRA Rule 3110 and NYSE Rule 342 supervisory review requirements, with automated alerts.
Your Cloud

Compliant Archival in Your Cloud

Unlike SaaS-based solutions, all data is stored in your tenant in your private cloud. Full support for policy-driven tiered storage and WORM/SEC compliant immutable storage.

Security and Access Controls

Secure and audited data access and role-based access control.

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