Secure archive migration

We're email and file archiving people and we care about your project as much as you do. Our fully managed automation runs day and night so you don't have to.


Other archive migration tools require on-prem hardware, storage and SQL databases. We migrate your data to the cloud securely without the large footprint making it easier on your infrastructure and security teams.

Fast and Accurate

Most archives experience database and index corruption. If your migration tool uses your archive's API to extract data, you're almost guaranteed to lose data in the process. We make multiple connections directly to your data bypassing the API which is faster and ensures no data is lost in the process.

Fully managed

Your legacy archive is complicated. Are you behind a version or two? Have you experienced database corruption? Don't worry. Our experts will manage every aspect of the migration for you including any problems that arise inside of your source system.

Step-by-step technical guide

We'll show you our whole approach. You decide if it's right for you. Learn:
  • How we ensure chain of custody of your data even if your indexes and databases are corrupt
  • How we can start your migration immediately even if you're your archive software is out of date
  • How we ensure stubs don't derail your migration project and disrupt all of your end-users
  • How our cloud-based approach helps your project start faster and finish faster

60 second archive migration demo

Step 1: Generate report
archive insight report - screen shot demo

Our experts connect Archive360 to your environment and tell you exactly what you have - active archives, inactive archives, journal archives, stubs and more. 

Step 2: Copy archives to the cloud
copy archives screen shot demo

After we securely copy your data, the rest of your migration happens in the cloud. Which means no stress on your archiving environment and no infrastructure running in your data center. 

Step 3: Filter data and create batches
filter batch screen shot demo-2

You don't have to migrate everything. We'll help you move just what you need and schedule your migration waves according to your project needs. 

Step 4: Migrate to your destination
migrate screen shot demo

While your migration is running, we'll monitor every individual item and send you daily reports so you can focus on the big picture of your project. 

Step 5: Rehydrate and migrate stubs
stub rehydrate screen shot demo

Stubs will wreak havoc on your users if you don't manage them correctly. We'll "rehydrate" your stubbed messages back to their original format during migration so no properties are lost. 

Step 6: Troubleshoot errors
trouble shoot screen shot demo

Yes. 100% of migrations have issues. We'll know about them before you do and proactively fix them on your behalf. 

Step 7: Verify chain-of-custody
chain of custody screen shot demo

We'll provide you with reports that account for %100 of your Enterprise Vault data. Even corrupt items and items we can't migrate for any reason. 


Archive migration connectors

Archive360 extracts data from 20+ enterprise archive records management and file system repositories.

What our Clients Say

We engaged Archive360 after an unsuccessful outcome with another vendor.

The Archive360 team delivered despite multiple changes in scope and duration at our direction. I would strongly endorse Archive360, and will engage them again for additional projects.

Jon Knox

Infrastructure Technical Lead | MMG Limited

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