Salesforce archiving for
compliance & eDiscovery

Unlike backups, Archive360 captures 100% of changes to your Salesforce records in real time and provides sophisticated audit, supervision and search features.

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Archive360 "time machine" feature

Salesforce records change constantly. Our "time machine" feature enables your compliance, legal and security teams to view what a record looked like at a specific date and time. Standard fields, custom fields, notes... you can see them all exactly as they appeared on that date and time and then move backwards or forwards through time and see what changes were made and by whom. 


Full text index & advanced eDiscovery

Using our powerful search interface, you can pinpoint what you're looking for across your entire Salesforce archive using date ranges, keywords, phrases, Boolean logic and advanced filtering. After you've found responsive data, you can apply legal holds, other tags and export to a variety of formats including EDRM XML and PST. Your full text index can also be used to create records classification rules, retention policies and geo-routing for privacy compliance. 


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Backup is for disaster recovery and business continuity. Archiving is for compliance, eDiscovery and records classification. Not sure which you need? Get in touch and our experts will explain the difference and help you make the right decision.