Salesforce archiving for
compliance & eDiscovery

Unlike backups, Archive360 captures 100% of changes to your Salesforce records in real time and provides sophisticated audit, supervision and search features.

Capture everything automatically

Backup snapshots don't meet compliance requirements. Archive360 captures changes to your Salesforce records in real-time and archives them to immutable storage in the cloud.

Empower legal, compliance and security teams

Our powerful classification, search and legal hold tools make it easy for you to proactively meet compliance requirements and to respond faster to cases, audits and investigations.

Reduce storage costs

Salesforce storage becomes expensive over time. With Archive360, you can confidently purge data in your Salesforce instance to reduce costs knowing we have a copy of everything for your full retention policy.

Archive360 "time machine" feature

Salesforce records change constantly. Our "time machine" feature enables your compliance, legal and security teams to view what a record looked like at a specific date and time. Standard fields, custom fields, notes... you can see them all exactly as they appeared on that date and time and then move backwards or forwards through time and see what changes were made and by whom. 

Full text index & advanced eDiscovery

Using our powerful search interface, you can pinpoint what you're looking for across your entire Salesforce archive using date ranges, keywords, phrases, Boolean logic and advanced filtering. After you've found responsive data, you can apply legal holds, other tags and export to a variety of formats including EDRM XML and PST. Your full text index can also be used to create records classification rules, retention policies and geo-routing for privacy compliance. 

Archive Migration

Our combination of experience and cloud-based automation is going to make you look really good. 

✔️Complete chain-of-custody and exception reporting down to the item level 

✔️Advanced features for managing your stubs to ensure your end-users experience zero disruption 

✔️Unique approach to handling journal archives your legal and compliance teams will appreciate

✔️Many destination options including Office 365 and dozens of other cloud-based and on-premises archives 

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Open Archiving

We interviewed 1,100 customers to learn what they loved and hated about their legacy archive and used that insight to create a completely new kind of archive platform. 

✔️ More secure: If you don't control your encryption keys, you don't control your data. With our archive, only you have access to your encryption keys. 

✔️More private: Privacy laws require you to retain data in the region it was created. SaaS archives don't do that. Our archive automatically stores employee and customer data in the country of origin. 

✔️More insight: Your archive holds incredible insight that until now has been trapped in a black box. Our archive empowers you to extract intelligence from your emails, files and videos for the first time. 

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