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Intelligent Information Management in Your Azure Cloud

With Archive2Azure, the intelligent information management and archiving solution built on Azure Services, you’re able to maintain control over all your corporate information.

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Fast, secure, painless migration of data to the Microsoft Cloud

FastCollect takes the risk out of data migration to the Microsoft Cloud by providing 100 plus connectors for migrating a huge variety of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. FastCollect provides for the fast, secure, and trouble-free movement of data from on premise and cloud repositories to the Microsoft Cloud in a legally defensible manner.

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Programmed Group

Programmed Group Moves Enterprise Vault to Dell Archive Manager


Programmed recently acquired another company running Enterprise Vault V9 with 25TB of archive data. They are running Dell Archive Manager 5.1.

Enterprise vault was an old version without software maintenance so we needed a tool to extract the data from Enterprise Vault into Archive Manager. Unfortunately, Enterprise vault was in an unhealthy state and we could not use the native tools to export the data.


Migration Challenges

The Enterprise Vault server was on an old 2003 x86 which meant we were unable to add any more resources to the server. The application was left alone for many years which caused the application to be in an unhealthy state. There was also no longer anyone within the business with Enterprise Vault skills to assist either.


The Solution

Our partner Redmond Solutions introduced us to Archive360. Archive360 email archive migration solution allowed us to extract the data without needing to worry about the state of Enterprise Vault, using a new x64 bit server with much more resources than possible with the old Enterprise Vault.

We are also in the process or rehydrating the stubbed emails into Exchange to ensure our users have an improved user experience.

Using the Archive360 V2 PowerShell integration, we were able to develop our own scripts which allowed us to automate the extraction of the Enterprise Vault archives to PST files.

The final step was to upload the PST files into Archive Manager. One PST was created for each mailbox.



Using Archive360, we were able to extract all the data from Enterprise Vault without impacting the application, or requiring Enterprise Vault to be bought into a healthy state.

Given the age of the Enterprise Vault hardware and lack of expertise, Archive360 saved us a lot of cost and time.

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