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By: Bob Spurzem on January 4th, 2017

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Enterprise Vault.Cloud Migration Record

Email Archive Migration | Archive2Anywhere |

Enterprise Vault.Cloud (EV.Cloud) is one of the most challenging email archives to migrate.  EV.Cloud migration is a single-connection process that is painfully slow and often corrupts the data while it is being extracted.  Archive360 is proud to be the leader in archive migration performance.  For migration, I am pleased to share this recent Daily Extraction report from an actual customers who was migrating archive data from EV.Cloud to PST files

In the chart legend, you can see the daily performance reported exactly 1 TB (1024 GBs) of total capacity moved in a single day – 10X faster than the closest competitor.  Each vertical bar represents the size of the data we moved that day and the blue shape represents the items count. 


Regarding memory usage, we have a very small memory footprint for our processes. This allows for great scalability; that is we can have many processing units running in parallel.  This translates in optimal hardware/software usage which in turn results in very low hardware requirements.  In a recent POC, our competition asked for 20 servers while we only asked for a single server.  In the same time allotment, we committed for higher throughput.

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