EmailXtender Migration

EmailXtender was one of the first on premise email archiving solutions. Introduced back in 2000, EmailXtender has gone through several owners to eventually end up at Dell/EMC. In 2009, EmailXtender was replaced with SourceOne but has remained active with many companies even though it reached its “End of Life” several years ago.

Because organizations are migrating their on premise email systems to Office 365 for cost savings and ease of support, the question of what to do with their legacy EmailXtender archives has become a priority.

As companies migrate their live email systems to the Office 365, the question of what to do with their huge and expensive EmailXtender archive is becoming a priority. There are two alternatives; keep the EmailXtender archive running and try to tie it to Office 365 to maintain ongoing email archiving, a complex undertaking which does not relieve the company of associated EmailXtender related costs. The second alternative, which most companies are choosing, involves migrating their EV archives to Office 365 to take advantage of the free archive folders.

FastCollect for Archived Highlights

FastCollect for EmailXtender is fully integrated with EmailXtender data volumes for faster, more accurate migrations. FastCollect extracts raw messages and attachments, including metadata, directly from EmailXtender and maintains an item-level audit trail for compliance reporting while preserving message fidelity for eDiscovery and regulatory requests.

FastCollect for Archives for EmailXtender Product Highlights

  • Utilizes a multi-threaded, multi-server platform to provide the highest performance and accuracy in the industry
  • Provides the highest performance and accuracy of all migration solutions
  • Does not rely on aging EmailXtender, this, in turn, provides for the fastest, most accurate data migrations
  • Has full integration with EmailXtender SQL DB and data volumes to ensure full legal defensibility during the migration
  • Includes message-level chain of custody reporting to reduce eDiscovery risk
  • Does not require archive indexing or data gathering before migration begins – start message extraction within minutes of installation
  • Reconstitutes live email system message stubs with the associated archived email ensuring complete message fidelity and defensibility
  • Provides an intuitive and powerful graphical user interface for ease of use and faster time to migration start – little or no training required

If you currently have an EmailXtender archive and are considering a move or have already moved your email system to Office 365, call Archive360 now to see how affordable and easy it is to migrate your EmailXtender archive to Office 365 or Azure.