Don’t Let Microsoft 365 Data Limits Impair Compliance and Performance

Effectively manage your SharePoint content lifecycle so it delivers the most value with the least amount of risk.

Know What SharePoint Content You Have 

You can’t manage what you don’t know you have. 


Reveal your dark SharePoint data

Automatically assess what content you have in SharePoint before you archive. Analyze SharePoint data across multiple points including by site, file type, file size, usage dates, author, and projected growth rate. 


Optimize SharePoint performance automatically

Instead of letting data accumulate, negatively impacting system performance and exposing your organization to compliance risks, automatically move inactive or sensitive files to Azure storage you control based on policy criteria you define (e.g.  date last accessed, file size larger than, etc.).  


Go beyond titles and metadata to identify content

Optionally enrich your data by automatically transcribing audio and video with speech-to-text, extracting text content from PDFs and images with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and detecting entities within an image or video 

Protect Your SharePoint Content 

Ensure your content is managed consistently in accordance with company policies. 

Find Archived SharePoint Content Quickly and Securely 

Administrators can access and search archived content directly from within SharePoint Online.  

Make your content discoverable  

Automatically import and index all content and related properties from SharePoint Online in real-time or on a scheduled basis and give administrators access to archived content in its native format directly from within SharePoint. 


Information you need when you need it

We have a pre-built connector for Exterro’s and Microsoft Purview eDiscovery applications to enable integrated search, export, and case storage. You can use our Archive360 Connect REST APIs to extend the archive to your in-house developed applications as well as third party applications. In a single search, users can directly access, manage, and extract relevant data from the Archive360 platform in the comfort and familiarity of their preferred applications, while legal, IT and compliance are assured that all data is being appropriately managed. 


The exact search results you need quickly  

Faceted search enables you to focus search results by filtering them into related categories so you can quickly drill down to more specific results without performing a new search. For example, a search for “quarterly results” would have facets for Year, Quarter, Business Line, etc. 


Improve The SharePoint User Experience 

Spend less time searching for information and more time being productive. 


Remove the clutter

Automatically identify inactive, outdated files so you can archive them and make browsing SharePoint Online folders faster and easier. 


Manage files effortlessly

Automatically manage files according to your organization’s policies and take that burden off SharePoint users and IT. 

Provide easy access to archived files

Administrators can access and manage archived files easily, directly from within SharePoint Online.   

Archive Migration Connectors

Archive360 has successfully helped more than 2,000 customers extract data from 20+ enterprise archives, legacy applications, and file system repositories, including the following:
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