In recent years, many organizations have relied on the EMC Centera storage device for on-premises storage of long-term data, primarily for regulatory, legal, or business purposes. However, due to escalating costs and security concerns, an increasing number of companies are exploring the migration of their critical data to the Microsoft Cloud. This strategic move aims to reduce expenses, enhance security, streamline permissions, and bolster business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

The Shift to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has emerged as a preferred cloud solution for businesses seeking a robust and secure environment for their data. Its scalability, reliability, and comprehensive set of services make it an ideal choice. To facilitate this transition, organizations are turning to solutions like Archive2Azure.

Archive2Azure: A Compliance Storage Solution

Archive2Azure is a groundbreaking compliance storage solution built on Microsoft Azure. It offers a seamless approach to migrating, retaining, protecting, and ensuring ongoing compliance of Centera data within the Azure ecosystem. This whitepaper explores the migration process in detail.

Migrate from Centera to Microsoft Azure

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Overview of Migration

Migrating data from EMC Centera to Microsoft Azure represents a significant shift in data management strategy. The following sections delve into the tools and processes that make this transition possible.

Archive360 FastCollect™ for Centera

FastCollect™️ for Centera stands as the market's first solution designed to provide out-of-the-box, fully compliant migration from EMC Centera to Microsoft Azure. It simplifies a previously complex process, making data migration straightforward, risk-free, and efficient.

Benefits of Migration

  • Cost Reduction: Moving data to Microsoft Azure can result in substantial cost savings.
  • Enhanced Security: Azure's security features provide robust protection for sensitive data.
  • Streamlined Compliance: Achieve compliance with regulatory requirements seamlessly.
  • Improved Disaster Recovery: Azure's capabilities enhance business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.
Paas versus Saas TG
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Multi-Tenant SaaS vs Dedicated SaaS: what you need to know

All cloud archives are not created equal. There are major differences between archives deployed in a dedicated SaaS model versus a multi-tenant model that affect the security, accessibility and functionality of your archived data. This Technical Guide explores what you will need to consider in order to make an informed decision.

Migration Process

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FastCollect™️ for Centera

FastCollect™️ for Centera is the cornerstone of this migration process, offering a comprehensive solution for data migration and retention.

Steps for Migration

  1. Reading Centera C-Clip Data
    FastCollect™️ for Centera begins by extracting raw C-Clip data from the EMC Centera storage.
  2. Processing C-Clip Data
    The extracted C-Clip data is processed to extract blob data, associated metadata, and custom tags. Archive2Azure retains the original C-Clip ID for easy retrieval.
  3. Storing Data in Azure Blobs
    The C-Clip blob data and associated metadata are securely stored in Azure Blobs, maintaining the same format as retrieved from Centera.
  4. Maintaining C-Clip Relationships
    Archive2Azure ensures the relationship between blob data and related C-Clip tags/attributes is preserved.
  5. Applying Retention Dates
    The original C-Clip retention date is applied to the new Azure blob, ensuring compliance with data retention policies.
  6. Optional Storage of Raw C-Clip
    For archival purposes, the raw C-Clip data can be optionally stored in Azure.

Data Reconciliation

Each C-Clip processed is fully reconciled between the C-Clip ID and Archive2Azure Storage ID, ensuring data integrity.

Data Compression and Encryption

Archive2Azure supports data compression and encryption using customer keys stored in Azure KeyVault, adding an extra layer of security to your migrated data.

Archive360's FastCollect & Archive2Azure: A Modern Solution

Archive360’s FastCollect and Archive2Azure allows organizations to migrate EMC Centera to Microsoft Azure, reduce costs and streamline compliance data management. Archive360 Archive2Azure Solution eliminates the need to maintain an expensive, on premises Centera compliance storage arrays to Microsoft Azure and realize all of the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud.

The Cloud Archive Organizations Trust

Archive360 provides the cloud archive trusted by enterprises and government agencies worldwide, Archive2Azure, purpose-built to run in the hyperscale cloud. Installed and run from your organization’s individual public cloud tenancy, you retain all the power, flexibility, and management while maintaining complete control of your data and its security, including encryption keys that only you have access to. Additionally, unlike on-premises and SaaS archiving solutions, you are free to unlock valuable insights via data analytics and carry out powerful searches on your data using the latest cloud-based tools that will benefit multiple teams across your business, from HR to legal and compliance.

Find out why major, regulated organizations around the world trust Archive360 with their most sensitive data. Get in touch to request a demo today.

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