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Cloud Data Security Concerns


Your enterprise is moving to the cloud.


Your team is concerned about the security implications of storing and managing your data in the cloud.


You want to understand how you can protect your data from unauthorized or unintended access and minimize the impact of potential data breaches and ransomware.


You’re particularly concerned about the implications for mission-cricital or line of business data as well as potentially sensitive data that’s subject to data privacy and other regulations.

Your Data, Your Cloud, Your Control

The Archive360 Security Gateway provides homomorphic encryption – meaning that your users (with the correct entitlements) can continue to search and manage data in the cloud as usual, without decrypting it. No change in your business processes while massively increasing security. You implement on-premises and in your private cloud, providing secure, flexible file and field-level (metadata) encryption of PII and sensitive data, with role-based entitlements to control both access and decryption. It also ensures you retain 100% ownership and management of your encryption keys.

Enforcing Data Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

The Archive360 Security Gateway has been developed in response to customers who want to leverage the opportunities afforded by the cloud and continuously protect their data from theft, ransomware, re-encryption, or accidental deletion or spoliation.

Integrated Information Security

The Archive360 Security Gateway is an integrated, patent-pending feature of the Archive360 platform that allows customers to implement multi-level security and encryption options based on the risk and value of the data they want to manage and archive in Archive360 – in their own cloud tenancy.

Contextual Information

With Archive360 Security Gateway, you can develop and execute policy-based information security protocols that support your expanding information governance, records management and cloud security needs.

Advanced Data
Classification-based and
Double-Key Encryption

Ensure your data is appropriately encrypted to support your data classification policies. Double-Key Encryption further protects your highly sensitive data and ensures that encryption keys are always kept in your control, stored on-premises or in the cloud as needed.

Decryption and User Access

Archive360’s approach to decryption ensures that user access can be restricted based on speci fic attributes including role, geographic location and record class as well as specific fields and metadata.

Secure Auditing and

Every event within the Security Gateway is tagged and tracked, and available in comprehensive reports.

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Cyberhackers are Targeting your Organization’s Sensitive Data

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