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Save Money by Reducing Your SharePoint Storage - Take Advantage of the Azure Cloud  

Extend SharePoint Online storage and reduce storage costs up to 70%.

Control storage costs

Instead of purchasing costly additional SharePoint storage, you can control those costs by automatically archiving sites, documents, libraries, specific content, and large objects to less costly, secure Azure storage based on your policies.

Control Storage Costs

Manage SharePoint storage quickly and securely

Comprehensive storage consumption reports and policy-based archiving make storage optimization easy.

Analyze SharePoint usage 

Analyze storage consumption across multiple data points including by site, file type, usage dates, author, projected growth rate and storage cost savings. 


Optimize storage automatically 

Move inactive or less referenced files to lower cost Azure storage based on policy criteria you define (e.g.  date last accessed, file size larger than, etc.). 


Effortlessly manage inactive user costs 

Optimize the way you manage inactive user storage and unused license costs by automatically archiving their files to less costly Azure storage and enabling their license to be quickly reallocated.  

Protect your SharePoint content 

Ensure your content is managed consistently in accordance with company policies 

Safeguard and restore data

Restore files, including version changes, seamlessly in the event of accidental deletion, tampering or another incident with SEC/FINRA/MiFID II compliant immutable Write Once Read Many (WORM) storage. 

Make your Content Discoverable

Improve the SharePoint user experience

Spend less time searching for information and more time being productive

Remove the clutter

Automatically identify inactive, outdated files so you can make browsing records faster and easier. 


Manage files effortlessly 

Automatically manage files according to your organization’s policies and take that burden off SharePoint users and IT. 


Provide easy access to archived files 

Access archived files easily, directly from within SharePoint Online through SharePoint search or a link to the archived file.  

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Be a Hero!

Archive360 ConnectTM for Microsoft SharePoint Online can reduce the cost of SharePoint Online storage. Stop purchasing additional storage and take advantage of the Azure cloud. You significantly reduce storage costs, with zero impact to your end users. A win-win for your organization. Contact us to learn more. 

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