SharePoint Online Archiving

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Compliant SharePoint Online Archiving Solution

Extend your SharePoint Online storage, optimize your SharePoint storage costs with intelligent cloud-based archiving for today’s operational, compliance and legal discovery requirements

Automatically Manage SharePoint Online's 25 TB Storage Limitations

Archive360 for SharePoint allows you to automatically move SharePoint documents to your Azure tenancy, release SharePoint Online storage, and eliminate the requirement to continuously purchase additional premium SharePoint storage.


Optimize SharePoint Online and Your Azure Cloud

Extend your SharePoint Online storage to your Azure tenancy based on your policies including date created, last modified or accessed, size, and custodian.


Reduce SharePoint Online Storage Costs and Increase Content Compliance

Automatically archive entire inactive SharePoint sites, inactive SharePoint content, as well as “leaver” content to your secure Azure tenancy and benefit from compliance archiving and the power of PaaS.

Intelligent Information Management in
YOUR Azure Cloud

Manage any type of data—including images, videos, audio, documents, files, and more—with proven technology.  And be able to retrieve any information in seconds.

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  • Military-Grade Security: Military-grade content and context-aware Gateway Encryption delivers the highest levels of data security and automatically supports your data classification, taxonomy and data management requirements. Your encryption keys are controlled and managed by you, further protecting your data and ensuring zero vendor lock-in.
  • Secure Access Control and User-Friendly: Access to archived SharePoint content is content-based and role-based and all access is fully audited. End-users still have access to their own SharePoint data directly from SharePoint Online.
  • Secure SharePoint Online Archiving: Securely and compliantly archive your SharePoint Online content to your Azure tenant. Decide which versions of documents need to be archived, depending on your organization’s specific archiving and compliance policies. Securely delete or stub SharePoint documents to optimize SharePoint Online storage. Note that any retention schedules and legal holds will automatically be inherited when your SharePoint Online content is migrated and archived to Archive360 for SharePoint Online.


  • AI-Powered SharePoint Content Scanning and Tagging: Leverage the power of integrated Artificial Intelligence with predictive scanning, classification and tagging of your SharePoint content BEFORE archival. Actively manage and protect your sensitive SharePoint content with content and context-aware inspection.
  • AI-Powered SharePoint Content Alerts and Surveillance: Automatically alert compliance team members if policy violations are detected.
  • AI-Powered Analytics, Search, e-Discovery:Archive360 for SharePoint leverages Azure Cognitive Services, delivering on-demand data analytics and intelligent search. Integrated Records Management and eDiscovery functionality enables you to meet complex eDiscovery and legal hold/case management requirements.

SharePoint Content Discovery

Understand and analyze exactly what content you have on specific SharePoint sites, with Archive360 for SharePoint Online Insights Reports. Detailed, interactive reports enable you to analyze content across multiple data points including by site, file type, create/modification/access date, and author.

Compliance Archiving and The Power of PaaS

With Archive360 for SharePoint, you are guaranteed zero vendor lock-in!  Unlike SaaS-based solutions, all data is stored in your tenant in your private cloud, ensuring you always retain control and ownership of your data.

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