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Manage your SharePoint Storage - Take Advantage of the Azure Cloud

Effectively manage your SharePoint and OneDrive content lifecycle so it delivers the most value with the least amount of risk.

Control storage costs

Automatically manage SharePoint Online and OneDrive content storage based on your policies with our archiving solution. Archive SharePoint sites, documents, libraries and specific content and large objects to your secure Azure tenant to manage your SharePoint Online storage costs - and still have access to content directly from within SharePoint.

Control Storage Costs

Reduce records management costs

Automatically manage SharePoint Online and OneDrive content retention, disposition, and deletion based on your policies to mitigate risk, reduce clutter, and improve productivity by relieving users and IT from the file management burden.

Reduce migration time

Avoid costly fines and settlements

Prevent inadvertent (or intentional) loss or destruction of sensitive or organizational-critical OneDrive and SharePoint documents with policy-based automatic archiving to your secure Azure tenancy with Write Once Read Many (WORM) storage and chain of custody reporting.

AVOID Costly Fines and Settlements

Know what SharePoint and OneDrive content you have

You can’t manage what you don’t know you have.

Reveal your dark SharePoint data

Automatically assess what content you have in SharePoint and OneDrive BEFORE you archive. Analyze across multiple data points including by site, file type, entity, usage dates, sentiment, and author.


AI-Powered SharePoint content scanning & tagging

Ensure all SharePoint Online and OneDrive data is correctly and compliantly archived and managed by automatically scanning, classifying, and tagging any type of data.


Go beyond titles and metadata to identify content

Automatically transcribe audio and video with speech-to-text, extract text content from PDFs and images with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and detect objects within an image or video.

Find archived SharePoint and OneDrive content quickly and securely

Access and search archived content directly from within SharePoint Online.

Make your content discoverable

Automatically import and index all content and related properties from SharePoint Online and OneDrive in real-time or on a scheduled basis and continue to give users access to their content in its native format directly from within SharePoint.

Make your Content Discoverable

Information you need when you need it

Machine learning and analytics precisely surface search results that are not just relevant to the search term but are relevant to the user, based on role, location, search history and other factors. Results can be previewed inline or in a pop-up.

Information When you need it

The exact search results you need quickly

Faceted search enables you to focus search results by filtering them into related categories so you can quickly drill down to more specific results without performing a new search. For example, a search for “quarterly results” would have facets for Year, Quarter, Business Line, etc.

The Exact Search Results you need Quickly

Protect your SharePoint and OneDrive content

Ensure your content is managed consistently, defensibly and in accordance with company policies

Safeguard and instantly recover data

Recover content as part of your disaster recovery plan, including version changes, seamlessly in the event of accidental deletion, tampering or another incident with SEC/FINRA/MiFID II compliant immutable Write Once Read Many (WORM) storage.


Control access and permissions at every level

Supports seamless authentication and provides role- and attribute-based access controls that ensure users can only view content they are entitled to access, actively prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and audit all access and activity, system-wide.


Take control of content security

For business-critical sensitive data, optionally control access to SharePoint Online content (files, their metadata and contents – down to specific words or phrases) with Security Gateway.

Improve the SharePoint user experience

Spend less time searching for information and more time being productive.

Remove the clutter

Automatically detect, review, and dispose inactive, outdated files so browsing records is faster and easier.

Remove the Clutter

Manage files effortlessly

Automatically manage files according to your organization’s policies and take that burden off SharePoint users and IT.

Manage Files Effortlessly

Provide easy access to archived files

Access archived files easily and directly from within SharePoint Online through record stub links or the embedded Archive360 Search web application.

Provide easy access to files

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