EMC SourceOne Email Archive Migration

The EMC SourceOne on premise email archiving application has been available for many years. But because more organizations are migrating their on premise Exchange email systems to Office 365 for cost savings and ease of support, the question of what to do with your legacy SourceOne archive is a priority. Customers are considering two options; keep SourceOne operational and continue to pay the high support costs or migrate your SourceOne archive to Office 365 or migrate the archive to Office 365. A major issue of keeping SourceOne up and running is the problem of linking it to the Office 365 live email boxes so that Office 365 email is archived to SourceOne.

However, most companies are choosing the second option and are taking advantage of the free Office 365 archive folders and are migrating their aging SourceOne archive to Office 365.

Keeping SourceOne operational in conjunction with Office 365 is a costly and complex strategy. The benefits of migrating your SourceOne archive to Office 365 include:

  • No cast archiving – Office 365 provides free archive folders for each active mailbox
  • Ease of use because employee live email and their archived emails are located in a single repository
  • Increased security and compliance – Office 365 provides a single repository to speed eDiscovery search and regulatory response
  • Because you’re not paying the high costs of SourceOne support overall costs are much less.

FastCollect for Archives Product Highlight

FastCollect for Archives for SourceOne is the leading email archive migration solution designed specifically to work with Office 365 and SourceOne.  FastCollect fully integrates with SourceOne data volumes for faster, more accurate and legally defensible migrations. FastCollect does not depend on aging vendor APIs but instead is extracts raw messages and attachments, including all metadata, directly from the SourceOne database.  FastCollect maintains an item-level audit trail for legal and compliance reporting and preserves complete, original message fidelity.  Additional important features and benefits include:

  • Faster and more accurate data extractions – does not depend on the SourceOne API
  • Full integration with SourceOne ensures full legal defensibility
  • Extremely quick time to start – begin message extraction within minutes of installation
  • Message stubs or shortcuts are automatically reconciled
  • Full reconstitution of split, single instanced and compressed messages
  • Detailed audit and reporting for chain of custody and legal defensibility

If you currently have a SourceOne email archive and are considering a move or have moved your email system to Office 365, call Archive360 now to see how affordable and easy it is to migrate your SourceOne archive to Office 365 or Azure.

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