Archive360 Announces FastCollect SourceOne Edition

Support for EMC SourceOne Archive as a Source Archive

NEW YORK – March 27, 2015 – Archive360, Inc., setting the technological standard for archive migration software solutions, today announced the availability of FastCollect SourceOne Edition, which enables full migration support for legacy EMC SourceOne archives. FastCollect enables organizations to easily extract a complete, forensically defensible data set from the legacy EMC SourceOne archive and move it directly into Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail with Google Vault archive, PST Containers or to an RFC822 EML native format. Using FastCollect SourceOne Edition, customers experience the highest performance SourceOne migration available with extraction rates, which frequently exceeds five Terabytes per day.

FastCollect SourceOne Edition Highlights:

  • Designed and developed in-house by SourceOne experts (former EMC engineers)
  • Leverages the same user-friendly  intuitive point-and-click advanced user interface
  • Provides complete chain of custody and operational reporting
  • Extracts the complete  data set (important for regulatory and legal requirements), including all metadata and  active end-user folder structures
  • Migration destinations include Exchange 2010/2013 on premise, Office 365 active mailbox or personal archive, Gmail / Google Vault and/or any 3rd party archiving application
  • Proven extraction performance that can exceed five TB per day
  • Full support for SourceOne stub management and reconciliation:
    • Stub Finder allows you to query your Exchange servers for important pre-migration information such as the total number of emails on the system, the number of emails in each individual mailbox, the number of stubs on the server, and the number of stubs in each user’s mailbox. This reporting capability sets the stage for the next process in migrating a SourceOne archive;
    • Stub Rehydration combines two related processes to systematically match message stubs in Exchange with archived messages in the SourceOne archive. The first process includes re-hydrating stubs from the Exchange system with the actual archived messages and attachments producing forensically complete messages. The second process matches up each re-hydrated message with the pointer in Exchange and removes the stand-alone stub.
  • Documented message extraction success rate of 99.999%

“The market trend of companies moving away from legacy, single-purpose archiving applications toward newer, more powerful multipurpose solutions such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Gmail with Google Vault are accelerating at a tremendous pace,” notes Bob DeSteno, Archive360 VP of Business Development.  “Providing our customers the ability to migrate out of EMC SourceOne archive is not only a great business decision for Archive360 but also provides our customers a low-risk, fast, and inexpensive path to these more powerful systems.”

FastCollect is built on Microsoft technologies and runs on standard virtual or physical servers. It is an application-intelligent solution providing deep integration with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Gmail.

About Archive360
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