Live Journaling

With Archive360, you’re able to automate and streamline critical compliance functions and cost-effectively move your journal data in real-time to the more scalable, secure Azure cloud—all without vendor lock-in, giving you control over your data.

Organizations need to meet regulatory mandates and require a journaling capability to capture, store, and manage regulated communications data. For many companies, this has meant keeping their journal on premise, in an aging third-party archiving system, or employing a proprietary solution that enables them to stream live email from Office 365 into an expensive, complex, cloud-based journal.

With Archive360, you’re able to archive everything in your Microsoft Cloud, including your compliance journal. Our solutions make it easy to journal from Microsoft Office 365 directly into your Azure tenancy, providing you with both a verifiable “copy of record” and a reportable chain of custody. And because your data is in your Microsoft Azure tenancy, you’re able to maintain control over your data and keep it secure using your encryption keys.

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