Journal archiving for e-discovery, compliance and records classification

Migrate your data to the cloud, classify your files, emails, videos and reports and protect your organization from privacy, compliance and e-discovery risk.

More than Just Email

How many other data archives and tools do your legal and compliance teams deal with every time they run a search? Archive360 retains video, audio, images and thousands of file types along with email for an easier experience.

Built-in Migration

Maintaining a single system of record is important. Besides, nobody wants to run multiple archives. We'll migrate your legacy data and maintain full chain of custody during the process.

Compliance Friendly

Your legal and compliance teams will love our easy to use interface. Searches are blazing fast. Legal holds are easy. Compliance supervision is simple.



Free legacy archive migration

Migrating legacy data is one of the hardest parts of adopting a new archive. How do you move everything with full chain-of-custody without your users losing access to their data? Very carefully 😀 Seriously, we provide migration automation as a fully managed service to make your life easier. And now, for a limited time, we're giving it to you for no cost. 

Start Your Free Migration

Archive Migration

Our combination of experience and cloud-based automation is going to make you look really good. 

✔️Complete chain-of-custody and exception reporting down to the item level 

✔️Advanced features for managing your stubs to ensure your end-users experience zero disruption 

✔️Unique approach to handling journal archives your legal and compliance teams will appreciate

✔️Many destination options including Office 365 and dozens of other cloud-based and on-premises archives 

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Open Archiving

We interviewed 1,100 customers to learn what they loved and hated about their legacy archive and used that insight to create a completely new kind of archive platform. 

✔️ More secure: If you don't control your encryption keys, you don't control your data. With our archive, only you have access to your encryption keys. 

✔️More private: Privacy laws require you to retain data in the region it was created. SaaS archives don't do that. Our archive automatically stores employee and customer data in the country of origin. 

✔️More insight: Your archive holds incredible insight that until now has been trapped in a black box. Our archive empowers you to extract intelligence from your emails, files and videos for the first time. 

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