What You Should Know About the GDPR ebook

What You Should Know About the GDPR ebook

Effective May, 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require organizations that do business in the European Union (EU) to strengthen protections, security, and responsiveness for collected data, including the ability to quickly report on, and dispose of personally identifiable information (PII) of all EU citizens when requested. Under this new regulation, organizations —regardless of geographical location—must have in place reasonable, secure privacy controls that restrict access to only those allowed to a data subjects’ PII, as well as proactively prove, via reporting and audit, that the necessary controls and processes are in place to ensure compliance.

Despite the GDPR being adopted by the European Council and the European Parliament in April 2016, few organizations are fully prepared to meet these requirements by the go-live in May 2018. Download this Archive360/Osterman Research eBook to learn how you can prepare for GDPR and improve the security surrounding your archived data, ensure responsiveness to end-user requests, as well as discover what safeguards you can put into place now to avoid costly fines and help you accurately assess, manage and control your environment and ensure GDPR compliance.


  • Key drivers of GDPR and what are its implications
  • Obligations for organizations that control or process data
  • The current state of readiness for GDPR compliance
  • Best practices for ensuring your compliance

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