Enterprise Journaling in the Cloud

Intelligent cloud-based journaling for today’s legal, regulatory and privacy requirements

Legally defensible onboarding migration

•  Accelerated onboarding from leading legacy archives and ECMs
•  Guaranteed validation and immutability
•  AI-powered auto-classification and tagging

Stay in control of your data

• Retain control and ownership of your data - store everything in YOUR Azure tenant
• Capture and maintain your information in fully-portable format
• Secure your data with your encryption keys
• Control costs via scalability on demand – use (and pay for) only what your need
• Policy-driven tiered storage and WORM
Flexible and global data insight
• On-demand data analytics and intelligent search to help with cost control
• Identify and investigate data trends, expose risks, mitigate fraud and liability
• AI-driven predictive records classification and sensitive data identification
• Meet complex eDiscovery, regulatory, and records management requirements



Why Traditional Journaling Options are Deficient

Maintain a copy of your on-premises archive with your historical journaled data. An expensive proposition, and your legal and HR teams now must search across two separate journals (historical and active).

Maintain a hybrid or on-premises Exchange Service, just for journaling, by streaming Office 365 mail to your on-premises Exchange server. Again, expensive and inefficient.

“Explode” your historical journal and move email into user’s active mailboxes in Office 365. Expensive and inefficient for your IT team as you deal with 10x increase (on average) in rehydrated mail, create inactive mailboxes for departed employees, manage putting mailboxes on legal hold to try to maintain immutability, and juggle reassigning licenses. Inefficient for end users who’ll be searching across duplicates. Potentially impossible for your legal team given the loss of immutability of your journaled mail Plus, if you’re in the Financial Services industry and regulated by SEC Rule 17, you are now out of compliance.

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