​Enhanced eDiscovery
Through Digital Transformation

Consolidate Your Information For Accurate and Fast Early Case Assessment, Litigation Hold Placement, and eDiscovery Response

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Transforming Your Litigation Preparedness

Intelligent, AI-enabled platform to reduce your eDiscovery time and costs
Data Validation

Data Validation

End-to-end data fidelity and chain of custody reporting ensures legal defensibility.


AI-Enabled Data

Use AI and Machine Learning to understand better the relationships contained in your eDiscovery data sets.


Have Confidence in Your eDiscovery Response

We enable you to respond to eDiscovery quickly, accurately, and in a legally defensible manner

Increase ECA Effectiveness and Speed

Quickly find and review all responsive data to determine case strategy, projected costs, and possible custodians.

Effortlessly Manage Multiple Cases

Integrated case management ensure multiple cases can be tracked separately, managed individually, and processed correctly reducing cost and risk.

Quickly Search For and Secure Responsive Data

Elastic search capabilities provide the fastest results in the industry in a way that won't stretch your budget. Rely on the consistency and defensibility of your results sets with complete chain of custody reporting.

Next Generation Information Management

Legally defensible information management to ensure against spoilation, incomplete eDiscovery response, and security. 

Our solution is the perfect legal repository and eDiscovery tool because your sensitive data stays in your Azure tenancy under your control and security.

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