Consolidate and Manage all of your Corporate Communications

Today’s corporate communications environment includes more than just email. Social media, collaboration applications, and others put companies at a compliance and legal risk.

Archive2Azure’s Messaging solution module provides companies the ability to capture, consolidate, and manage all of their corporate communications for regulatory compliance, litigation preparedness, and business intelligence.


Today, companies are being overrun with new “must have” communications and collaboration applications while trying to maintain their existing communications channels. Legacy email archives, live journals, and instant messaging are heavily relied on in many companies. However, new applications such as Slack, Chatter, Bloomberg, Jabber, Teams, Yammer, and Jive (to name just a few) add to the complexity of capturing, managing and searching all of these channels.

Many companies quickly experience communications overload due to the expansive nature of these silos as well as the many differing formats. The issue becomes obvious when the company is faced with a regulatory information request or eDiscovery order. Searching numerous data silos with different search applications greatly raises the risk of fines and more.

Archive2Azure for Messaging provides the ability to consolidate, store, and manage all of these disparate communications channels into your company’s Azure tenancy for direct management, security, and the freedom to do what you want with your data.

Benefits include:

<p>Policy-based retention/disposition for legal and efficient information management</p>

Policy-based retention/disposition for legal and efficient information management

<p>Increased security with your own encryption keys</p>

Increased security with your own encryption keys

<p>Live mailbox archiving for journals, inactive mailboxes, and shared mailboxes</p>

Live mailbox archiving for journals, inactive mailboxes, and shared mailboxes

<p>The ability to decommission your legacy email archive for cost savings</p>

The ability to decommission your legacy email archive for cost savings

<p>Complete data fidelity</p>

Complete data fidelity

<p>Comprehensive Audit & Reconciliation</p>

Comprehensive Audit & Reconciliation

<p>Freedom – no vendor lock in</p>

Freedom – no vendor lock in


The Archive2Azure Messaging solution makes it possible for regulated organizations to consolidate and securely manage all of their communications channels, not just email, in a compliant and legally defensible manner.

Instead of trying to manually manage and secure the growing number of communications channels and special data such as live journal feeds, the Archive2Azure Messaging solution extends the native security capabilities of your Azure Cloud to help meet your industry-specific regulatory requirements such as retention policies and immutable storage. At the same time, you are able to achieve significant cost reductions by consolidating your aging messaging content in an intelligent information management archive that resides in YOUR Azure tenant.

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Microsoft is committed to collaborating with solutions providers that help our customers meet their IT, business, legal and regulations requirements. We are delighted to deepen our relationship with Archive360, and look forward to working with them to help ensure our financial services Microsoft Azure customers enjoy the cloud platform with the largest compliance portfolio in the industry

Tad Brockway, GM, Azure Storage at Microsoft

Really slick solution, and this was the reason why I could start migrating the customer to the cloud, so I appreciate you guys…this unstuck a situation for us.

Christopher Jennings, Modern Workplace Solution Specialist at Microsoft Corporation


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